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  • Tejasya Hotel

    Tejasya Hotel

  • Tejasya Hotel

    Tejasya Hotel is a complete Hotel Billing, ordering and reservation system.

    Tejasya Hotel enhances the productivity of all the stake holders involved in the Hotel ecosystem.


    Provides easy communication, reduced efforts in maintaining the records and eliminating the paper usage.

    Gives more time and attention to the end customer.

  • Tejasya Hotel


    Fully responsive HTML and CSS based web site

    Local and Server hosting

    Multiple users

    Hotel Menu

    Hotel Menu

    Hotel TableBooking


    Check out

    Kitchen Orders

  • Tejasya Hotel


    Automatic Customer Data base creation

    Print to (Blue tooth / USB etc ) printer

    View Customer data

    Customer data

    Billing information

    Mobile based Application (under development) Android

    Windows Phone


  • Tejasya Hotel


    Quick Updation of Menu

    Addition of users

    Customer database

    Customer database

    Online billing

    Bill automatically sent by SMS and email to customer

    Automatic Kitchen Orders creation

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Web Site Design and Development


    Fully responsive HTML5 and CSS based web pages

    Fully Dynamic web site development

    Database driven web sites

    Database driven web sites

    Built on top of CMS of customer choice

    Integration with social media

    Online User management and registration system

    Online store with integration to existing payment gateway systems

    Online live video streaming

    Best in class Support for our Customer success

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Fully responsive HTML5 and CSS based web


    Optimal viewing experience

    Easy viewing and navigation

    Easy viewing and navigation

    Minimized resizing, panning and scrolling


    Self explanatory and easy to use GUIs for

    better user experience

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Fully Dynamic web site development

    Dynamic rendering of the web site based onUser


    Location etc

    Location etc

    Client-Side and/or Server side scripting

    PHP on the Server side

    JS/JQUERY on the Client side using Ajax

    Quick retrieval of the data base data

    Data Caching for improving the performance

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Database driven web sites

    Web site Dynamic rendering based on the database data forUser



    Location etc

    Quick and easy creation, reading, updating and deleting of the data

    Data retrieval both from the server-side and client side with high security and performance

    Easy to use Front end provides quick provisions for the above 3 points

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Built on top of CMS of customer choice

    Quick creation , editing, and storing HTML content in a manageable way

    Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or users choice

    Users will be enabled to use both on the localhost and serverside


    Integration with social media

    Integration with social media FaceBook


    LinkedIn etc

    Log in with social media user credentials

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Online User -management and registration system

    Quick and easy online user registration SystemEmail verification

    OTP through email and phone SMSs

    User Management System

    User Management SystemQuick and Easy Updating / Modifying user data

    Change Password with communications (OTPs etc) to email and phone.

    Role based user creationEnd users


    Moderators / power users

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Online store with integration to existing payment gateway systems

    Integration of third party payment gateways

    Listing of the product and services in the store page

    Email and SMS reminders for Payment confirmation

    Payment dues etc

    Payment dues etc

    Online live video streaming

    Integration of existing third party video streaming APIs

    Quick and easy online (live) video courses

    Best -in class Support for our Customer success

    AMCs for continued support and services

    Online email support

    Phone support

  • Tejasya Company Capabilities

    Hybrid Mobile App Design and Development

    Hybrid Apps provide all the basic functionalities as the web portal. The further advantages of the Apps are the user experience will be enhanced as he/she will be working in a WebViewembedded in side a mobile app. The classical example of a Hybrid App is Facebook. The WebView is nothing but the web browser embedded in to the mobile Application with all the functionalities of a web portal.

    We provide the Hybrid apps for all the major platforms namely, Android, IOS and Windows (The same can also be extended to blackberry). The Hybrid apps can be posted to the Google play store, Windows phone store and IOS App store. The presence in these stores further gives an opportunity for presence in various markets with increased usage of smart phones. Each of

    opportunity for presence in various markets with increased usage of smart phones. Each of these stores does provide their own set of marketing options for enhanced visibility of the products and services to larger audience across the world.


    Files download / Upload

    Watching Videos

    Push messaging and notifications

    Geo-locations and maps

    High quality graphics for icons and splash screens

    One time login and mobile registration