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Welcome to Coimbatore Region South TSP Capability Building Workshop 09 th – 10 th December, 2014 ನಮಕಾರ வணக നമകാരം నమకరం नमते

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Welcome to CoimbatoreRegion South TSP Capability Building Workshop09th 10th December, 2014


ESHTamil NaduTHINK Safety First

6 Life Saving Rules

Work at Height

Ensure to raise PTW

Barricade the area

Ensure to use Safety shoe, Full body harness, Safety helmet, Hand gloves & Eye protection

Carry tools in waist pouch

Electrical Safety

Ensure PPE , Insulated tools , training & competency

Check Earthing, CB wiring quality

No short cuts, No work if you are wet

Road Travel

Ensure to wear ISI helmet and ensure chin strap is tightly tied

Do not drink and drive

While travelling car wear seat belts

Obey and follow all road safety rules.

Do NOT Drink & Drive

Safe FamilyHappy FamilyMaterial Handling

Ensure certified lifting tools and equipment

Use correct PPE, be away from load

Ensure Barricading


Be a and create many more HEROSSafetyFirstAct