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Step by step quide with screenshots on Typing in Gujarati in your computer, even if it is Windows XP


  • Walkthrough typing Gujarati anywhere in your computer

  • googlegujaratiinputsetup.exe , OK- OK Double-click the file googlegujaratiinputsetup.exe you got and press OK at all steps to install it.

    (download) https://www.dropbox.com/s/a20slv82ew47bqo/googlegujaratiinputsetup.zip

    If you dont have the file, download it from this link

  • | XP ,

    If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, then its done. But if you have Windows XP, then read the next steps, there is a little more work to do.

  • Restart the computer.

    Start (Control Panel)

    Go to Control Panel from the Start Menu

  • "Regional and Language options" Open "Regional and Language options"

  • 'Languages'

    Click on the second, 'Languages' Tab at the top.

    "Install files for complex script... , OK . OK

    Check ON the option of "Install files for complex script...", click OK at the popup that comes, then click OK again.

  • . . OK , (Browse) (windows files) (folder) .

    Now where it says to insert CD, click OK, then click Browse and go to the folder windows files given with this walkthrough where about 186 windows system files are kept.

    : ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/q6cu55rs64frxzc/winXP%20install%20indian%20language%20typing.zip )

  • (folder) (retry) .

    If it ever asks again, just make sure the proper folder is there in the folder box, if an extra i386 gets written then erase it and keep only the proper folder path and click Retry.

    language options

    It should install properly and the language options box should close.

  • , (Control Panel) "Regional and Language options" , Languages


  • (Add)

  • (English)

    (google gujarati input) .


  • OK

    Now it should look like this. Click OK If it asks to restart, then restart

    the computer.

  • EN


    EN GU

    GU | !!

    In the bottom right of the screen, just above the time, you should see a small rectangular box with a gujarati symbol on it. If it's there, SUCCESS!

  • have ,

    ( Space ) (Enter)

    Now go ahead and type in "have". You will see different variations of the gujarati word coming under it. If the proper word is selected, just press Spacebar or Enter and the word is entered in. Go ahead and type as if you're typing Gujarati.

  • ! ,

  • (thankyou)

    (if you get any problems, let me know)

    -- , (Nikhil Sheth)

    - (0-9665831250) nikhil.js@gmail.com

    : |

    , Note: This information is for free. You can share it

    anywhere, no need to ask for permission


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