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Project Worked On: Onyx 1.2 Team Worked with : Software Team For Cloud ApplicationMajor Technologies Database: MS SQLWeb Technologies:HTML, CSSProgramming Languages:T-SQL, C#Frameworks used:ASP.NET

What I did this summer

Change in cloud serversInitially - 5 languages At present -15 languages What I have done:

Edited all the landing pages and emails for 10 new languages and deployedPrepared DB ScriptsDone Integration Testing Created a Website

MS SQL Preparing Scripts : Prepared insert scripts for all the emails in 10 languages that can be run in databaseUpdated scripts for all the old languagesUpdated email subjects and modified the insert scripts createdLinking the landing pages folder with the database serverPlaced all the landing pages in the web server as per language codesDone many updates for old languages and new languages Changes In detail : For the Emails

Generated each language for all 250 countriesGot to know the structure of MS SQLRan all the scripts in Internal Dev and Release ServersHTML & CSSEditing the emails :Updating images with place holdersStyle sheet linkingUpdated links for Privacy Policy, EULA and Corporate Site for all the emails

Changes In detail : For the Emails

Difficulties encountered:While inserting data for Greece, Characters were not properly inserted

Language Code for Norwegian has been changed from NO to NBFor some languages, inserting special characters like (quotation marks) has been an issueContd

HTML & CSSEditing the landing pages:Replacing English privacy policies with actual language privacy policiesUpdated links for Privacy Policy, EULA, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Corporate Site links for all the Landing pagesMaking sure every landing page is correct with naming conventions

Changes In detail : Landing pages

Tested all the new and old languages by integrating it with the applicationFound some bugs and fixed themRepointing to different cloud servers from IOS appGot to know more about the Onyx versions and its updatesBugs Identified and Fixed:Customized Alignment and Changed fonts to fit both mobile and desktopFor the word Privacy Policy, y comes in new line for mobile


Some images were missingChanged every where from CONTOURONE to CONTOURNEXT ONE/CONTOURPLUS ONEButtons not displayed properly

Bug fixes

Valider Kontoen min

ASP.NET:Created a website that prints the current version of Onyx you are using by taking the data from text file

IIS:Published the website so that users can access the website through URLwebsite

From Meetings:My first meeting with Irene had a knowledge transfer regarding the flow of Onyx project Meetings with the offshore team - learned many details about how the cloud part worksMeeting regarding Armor Support - learned a little about server maintenanceMeeting with Raymond - got many valuable tips in regards to preparing my resume and effective job searchApart from my work, what I have learnt

Maintaining Excel sheetsNew Version Control MKSBootstrap ClassesWork CultureAcquaint with new peopleTime ManagementWorking with Co-ordination

Apart from my work, what I have learnt



Mobile Application Authentication KeyUsername and password 3) Flag defining status of 4) Country Code and Language user age minor (or) major CodeThings sent to web server

CreateCloudAccountAdult AccountChild AccountBased on Country code and language code and then based on the flag major or minor Guardian emailChild email



AccountCreationLanding page for Finnish with English privacy policy AccountCreationLanding page for Finnish with Finnish privacy policy

Before Cid ReplacementAfter Cid Replacement