??Web viewTELUGU ... IT: Word processing (Session1 Session 10) 26/1/2018. ENGLISH Villa for Sale(Drama 1), Unit 5(MCB) HINDI

Download ??Web viewTELUGU  ... IT: Word processing (Session1  Session 10) 26/1/2018. ENGLISH Villa for Sale(Drama 1), Unit  5(MCB) HINDI

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CLASS:IXMOUNT LITERA ZEE HIGH SCHOOL,HAYATHNAGARPRE BOARD REVISION SCHEDULEDATESUBJECTSTOPICS 22/1/2018ENGLISHNovel: Part -IVHINDI, , , TELUGU MATHStatisticsSCIENCEChe: Matter in our surroundings; Phy: Sound; Bio: Cell: What cell is made of ?, Plasma membrane, cell wall, Nucleus, CytoplasmSOCIALHistory & Geo Map WorkIIIL/ITIT: Fundamentals of computer(Session 1- Session 6)23/1/2018ENGLISHThe Best Seller, Song of the Rain, MCB : Unit -7HINDI, Ls. 4,5,6, , , TELUGU (Ls 11, 5)MATHHerons FormulaSCIENCEChe: Latest Heat, Evaporation; Phy: Work, Energy; Bio: Cell: All cell Organelles SOCIALCivics Democratic rights, Electoral PoliticsIIIL/ITIT: Fundamentals of Computer(Session 7- Session 11)24/1/2018ENGLISHKeeping if from Harold Oh, I wish Id looked after my teethHINDI -7,8,9,10, , TELUGU, comprehention (5,7)MATHConstructionsSCIENCEChe: Definitions & Characteristics; Phy: Problems: Sound, Work, Energy; Bio: Improvement in food resources, Crop variety, Crop production, Crop protectionSOCIALFrench RevolutionIIIL/ITIT: Mastering Typing25/1/2018ENGLISHThe man who knew too much, The seven Ages, MCB Unit-6HINDI -11,12, 13, , TELUGU , MATHLines and Angles, Co-ordinate GeometrySCIENCEChe: Chemical formula; Phy: Gravitation; Bio: Improvement in food Resources, Animal Husbandry, Bee keepingSOCIALDrainageIIIL/ITIT: Word processing (Session1 Session 10)26/1/2018ENGLISHVilla for Sale(Drama 1), Unit 5(MCB)HINDI 14,15,1,2, , TELUGUMATHSurface Areas and VolumesSCIENCEChe: Molewlar mass; Phy: Gravitation Problems; Bio: Why do we fall ill, Complete lessonSOCIALFood securityIIIL/ITIT: Word processing (Session 11 Session 20)27/1/2018ENGLISHA Dog named Duke, The Solitary Reaper, MCB Unit-4HINDI, 1,2,3,, TELUGU (, )MATHSurface Areas and VolumesSCIENCEChe: Definitions, Differences; Phy: Force & laws of motion; Biodiversity in living Organisms, Basic of Classification, Classification & Evolution, Hierarchy of Classification, Plantae,Diversity in living Organisms, Animalia.SOCIALPeople as resourcesIIIL/ITIT: Spreadsheet (Session 1 Session 10)28/1/2018ENGLISHHow I taught My grandmother to Read, The Brook, NovelHINDI -4,5,6, TELUGU ()MATHCircles, Euclids GeometrySCIENCEChe: Separation techniques; Phy: Problems : Force & Laws of Motion; Bio: Tissues: Plant TissuesSOCIALPhysical featuresIIIL/ITIT: Spreadsheet (Session 1 Session19)29/1/2018ENGLISHThe Road not taken, MCB Unit-3, Letter writingHINDI 3,4,5, , TELUGU MATHAreas of Parallelograms & TrianglesSCIENCEChe: Elements, Compounds & Mixture; Phy: Force & Laws of motion (Derivation); Bio: Tissues: Animal TissuesSOCIALWorking of ConstitutionIIIL/ITIT: Digital Presentation(Session 1 Session 6)30/1/2018ENGLISHThe Bishops Candle Sticks(Drama 2), Grammar, NovelHINDI 6,7,8, , TELUGU ( )MATHTriangles, QuadrilateralsSCIENCEChe: Rutherford Model, Thomson Model; Phy: Motion; Bio: Natural Resources(All Topics Except Cycles)SOCIALNazismIIIL/ITIT: Digital Presentation (Session 7 Session12)31/1/2018ENGLISHMCB Unit 1 and 2, Grammar full, Letter writing, NovelHINDI 9,10,11, , TELUGU , MATHLinear EquationsSCIENCEChe: Isotopic, Isobars, Applications; Phy: Motion (Problems); Bio: Natural Resources(Biogeo Chemical Cycles)SOCIALForest SocietyIIIL/ITIT: Email Messaging(Session 1 Session 6)1/2/2018ENGLISHNovelHINDI12,13,14,15, , TELUGU MATHPolynomials, Real NumbersSCIENCEChe: Entire Portion doubts, Recaps; Phy: Problems and Diagrams all Lessons; Bio: Complete Revision & DoubtsSOCIALPastoralist in the modern world.IIIL/ITIT: Email Messaging (Session 7- Session12)