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Divya Mantra - Spiritual Remedies | Pooja Accessories | Yantras & Kawach | Feng shui & Vastu | Rudraksha & Gems

Vedic and spiritual remedies are the integral part of Vedic astrology. This has been provided to mankind by the sages in the Vedic scriptures. Vedic remedies are the tools given in Vedic astrology to humans to get relief from the malefic effects of the planets.

Spiritual remedies prescribed in Vedic astrology initiate a strong motivation and intent within ourselves to harnesses our internal energies towards improvement of our relationships with the cosmos and the cosmic forces within us. It employs intangible factors and subtle forces around us - like gems, colors, sound, shapes & visual effects and adoption of these recommended practices as outlined by the ancient sages, helps a person change his/her live and can aim to truly become the master of his/her own destiny.Our ancient saints and seers developed the concept of remedial measures in the form of Yantras & Kawach to mitigate and in many cases to nullify the effects of the evil affliction and malefic effects of the planets.Img - Divya Evil Eye Hanging With Three Oval RingsVastu is an ancient science which provides the knowledge about how to arrange the combination and balance of the cosmic energy in house, office, garden or any place. This science is a holistic concept of architecture and interior design and its principles are partially utilized in Feng Shui, which originated from China.Img - Divya Mahalakshmi Hanging Yantra in Heavy Brass