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  • 7/23/2019 Badri_Kedar Yatra Details


    Hindu God/Goddess Important Articles

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    God shiva Mantra Mahadev Stotra (Stuti) Collections.

    - Reciting or saying Mantra is also Known Jap or stotra . It is process of Chanting names

    or taking names of god. We should not make sound while doing mantra. We must domantra in heart. It makes internal and eternal peace. !est mantra to do mantra is pu"a

    ghar #small room of $od situated in our home% &rayer room'.

    While doing any $od mantra or $od shi(a mantra. We should carry out )*+ times

    repetition of any Mantra. It is known as one complete num,er. It is (ery good if we can

    do more than )*+. !ut )*+ is recommended. If we canot complete )*+ we can do

    time or /0 times. 1here is no restiction to do mantra more than )*+ . 2oing e(eryday

    make a little ha,,it. !ut slowly we can make ha,,it of increasing mantra more than )*+

    times repetition .

    Specially %While doing 3ord shi(a Mantra. We must ha(e Rudraksha Jap mala to do

    Mantra. Rudraksha Jap mala ha(e eactly )*+ pieces Rudraksha seed. click here 1o read

    Rudraksha "ap mala which help to do god shi(a mantra. 4ou can also see "ap mala

    picture ,elow taking in hand.
  • 7/23/2019 Badri_Kedar Yatra Details


    Rudraksha seed is also fa(ourite to shi(a so "ap mala is made com,ining this rudraksha

    seeds. With rudraksha seed we can do any god mantra not only shi( "i.

    We can do mantra two times a day. 5ne is morning and another is e(ening. It can take

    /* minutes morning and /* minutes e(ening to do )*+ time mantra "ap. It also depend

    upon mantra either short mantra or long mantra we are reciting.

    In hindu houses we worship morning6e(ening . In time of worship We first worship all

    $od6$oddess #de(i de(ta' . We offer oil lamp#diya ' %!ell#ghanti'%incenses#dhup' . 7fter

    it we do specific mantra which we wish to do.

    picture no )

    1hose who donot ha(e ha(e Rudraksha "ap mala to do Shi(a mantra can also recite

    mantra with hand or with namaskaram mudra #namaste position'. Main thing is we

    ha(e to do )*+ times for one mantra. We should do with easy way to count )*+ times.

    !ecause counting and saying mantra together donot make concentrations. We must

    ha(e capacity to count )*+ times with hand while repeating mantra. If we wish to count

    mantra how many time we are doing rudraksha "ap mala #necklace' will help. &lease see

    picture num,er ) a,o(e.

    We should not open our eyes while doing mantra.

    Mantra also helps to attain peace and (i,ration. It makes closer to Supreme god head. It

    pro(ide all kinds of ,lessings. We must wash our hand%leg%face or we can ,ath ,efore

    doing mantra and poo"a #worship' . 1he suita,le time to recite mantra is morning and

  • 7/23/2019 Badri_Kedar Yatra Details


    afternoon. Worship of any $od and Mantra is done togther. 7fter completing Worship

    we can do mantra with concentration and ,y following a,o(e rules.

    So in this page % We recommend you to do 85m nama shi(aya9 mantra e(ery day )*+

    times morning and e(ening. 7nd rest stotra and mantra you can do )) times or /) time

    or times. 5r )*+ times.

    The mantra of God Shiva is given below .

    1 )5m nama shi(aya #$od shi(a main mantra' . 1he mantra 85m nama shi(aya9 is ,est

    mantra recommend ,y all scriptures%great sages. It is main mantra of god shi(a . :(en

    other greater de(i de(ta try to make god shi(a happy with help of this mantra. It is also

    known as panchakshri mantra. 1o listen this mantra in you tu,e. Click here.

    2); Maha mirtun"aya mantra #$od shi(a main mantra'. 1his Mantra is also ,est and

    main mantra of god shi(a. 1his mantra ha(e e(erything power. 1his mantra pro(ides

    3ong life to peoples. 1his mantra increase life rate. It is e(en noted in great hindu

    scriptures. 1his praying to god mirtun"aya #Shi(a' who is creator and destroyer of all


    1his mantra start like this -

    85m 1ryam,akam 4a"amahe Sugandhim &ushti(ardhanam

  • 7/23/2019 Badri_Kedar Yatra Details


    4)Shi(a panchakshar stotram ; 1his is great stotra #&raying' of god shi(a. $od shi(a is

    easily pleased ,y this stotra #mantra'. 1his mantra goes like this -

    8=agendra haraya 1rilochanaya%

    !asmanga ragaya maheswaraya%

    =ithyaya shudhaya digam,araya%

    1asmai [email protected] namashi(aya.

    Mandakini salila chandana charchithaya%

    =andeeswara pramadha nadha maheswaraya%

    Mandra pushpa ,ahu pushpa supoo"ithaya%

    1asmai [email protected] namashi(aya.

    Shi(aaya gowri (adanara (inda%

    Sooryaya daksha dwara naasakaya%

    Sri neela kantaya (risha dwa"aya%

    1asmai [email protected] namashi(aya.

    Aasishta kum,hodh,ha(a gowthamadhi.

    Munendra de(architha shekaraya%

    Chandrarka (aiswanara lochanaya%

    1asmai [email protected] namashi(aya.

    4aksha swaroopaya "ada dharaya%

    &inaka hasthathaya sanathanaya%

    2i(yaya de(aaya digam,araya%

    1asmai [email protected] namashi(aya.9

    Click hereto listen in youtu,e.

    5)Shi(a tanda( stuti #stotra' ; 1his is also one of the great song of god shi(a. $od shi(a

    easily ,ecomes happy who sing it one time a day. 1his song is also created and sang ,y

    Ra(an to $od shi(a. Brom which god shi(a showed his tanda(a nirtya #dance'.

    1his de(otional songs goes like this . We ha(e written with meaning as well.

    Click hereto read Shi(a 1anda( stotra in indi%nepali%Sanskrit62e(anagari.
  • 7/23/2019 Badri_Kedar Yatra Details


    )st paragraph of Stotra ; Jatata(ee gala ""ala pra(aha pa(itha sthale%

    $ale a(ala,hya lam,ithaam ,hu"anga thunga malikaam%

    2ama ddama dama ddama ninnada(a damar(ayam%

    Chakara chanda thanda(am thanothu na shi(a shi(am.% )

    Meaning ; Brom the forest of his matted lock% water flows and wets his neck%

    5n which hangs the greatest of snake like a garland%

    7nd his drum incessantly plays damat% damat% damat% damat%

    7nd Shi(a is engaged in the (ery (igorous manly dance%

    1o ,less and shower% prosperity on all of us.

    /nd &aragraph of Stotra ; Jata kataha sam,hrama,rama nillimpa nir"ari%

    Ailola (eechi (allari (ira"a mana moordhani%

    2haga dhaga daga ""wala lalata patta pa(ake%Kishora Chandra shekare rathi prathi kshanam mama.% /

    Meaning ; 1he celestial ri(er agitatedly mo(ing through his matted hair%

    Which makes his head shine with those soft wa(es%

    7nd his forehead shining like a ,rilliant fire-daga daga%

    7nd the crescent of moon which is an ornament to his head%

    Makes my mind lo(e him each and e(ery second.

    Drd &aragraph of Stotra ; 2ara darendra nandini (ilasa ,handhu ,handura%

    Sphuradigantha santhathi pramodha mana manase%

    Krupa kadaksha dhorani niruddha durdharapadi%

    Kwachi digam,are mano (inodhamethu (asthuni.% D

    Meaning ; 1he consort of the e(er sporti(e daughter of the mountain%

    Whose mind re"oices at her side long glances%

    With the stream of merciful look which remo(es hardships%

    Makes my mind take pleasure in him who wears the directions as apparel.

    th &aragraph ; Jada ,hu"anga pingala sphurath phana mani pra,ha%Kadam,a kumkuma dra(a praliptha digwadhu mukhe%

    Madhandha sindhura sphurathwagu utthariya medhure%

    Mano (inodhamadh,utham ,i,arthu ,hootha ,harthari.%

    Meaning ; e% with the shining lustrous gem on the hood

    5f the serpent entwining his matted locks%

    e% who is with his ,ride whose face is decorated

  • 7/23/2019 Badri_Kedar Yatra Details


    !y the melting of red saffron Kumkum%

    7nd e who wears on his shoulder the hide

    5f the elephant which was ,lind with ferociousness%

    Makes my mind happy and contented%

    In him who is the leader of !hoothasE)F

    th &aragraph ; Sahasra lochana pra,hoothyasesha lekha shekhara%

    &rasoona dhooli dhorani (idhu sarangri peeda,hu%

    !hu"angara"a Malaya ni,hadha "ada "hootaka%

    Sriyai chiraya "ayatham chakora ,andhu shekhara.%

    Meaning ; May he whose foot stool is decorated

    !y the e(er flowing flower dust.

    Balling the ,ent head of Indra and other $ods%7nd may e% whose matted locks are tied ,y the king of serpents%

    7nd may he% whose head is decorated

    !y the crescent moon who a friend of ChakoraE/F

    Shower prosperity for e(er on me.

    Gth &aragraph ; 3alata chathwara "waladhanam "aya sphulinga,ha%

    =ipeetha pancha sayagam saman nilimpanayakam%

    Sudha mayookha lekhaya (ira"amana shekharam%

    Maha kapali sampade% siro "adalamasthu na.% G

    Meaning ; May he with the raging fire

    In his forehead% who ,urnt the $od of lo(e%

    May e who is fore(er ,eing saluted ,y king of de(as%

    7nd may he who has collected

    1he cool am,rosia like crescent moon on his head%

    7nd may he who wears the collection of skulls%

    !less us to cre