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Its a presentation about jagriti Yatra which is a national level train journey covering 8000kms in 15 days in order to build India through enterprise. Its a must experince trip for all those who wish to become social entrepreneur in the future. It talks about all the rules, eligibility criteria and the yatra experience.


  • Presented By-

    Anurag Satpathy

    Jagriti Ambassador for District Entrepreneurs

    Ex-Yatri- 2013


    E-mail - [email protected] ; Phone- +91-9853859508

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ?

    Selection Process

    Highlights From Past Yatra

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    What is Jagriti Yatra ? A 15-day long, national train journey covering 8000 kms that takes 450 of Indias highly motivated youth.

    Aim of Jagriti Yatra To understand and build India through enterprise by exposing the youth to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to Indias challenges. Meet role models, change-makers, leaders that started out on a journey and

    made a difference to thousands of lives. Vision

    Building India Through Enterprise

    Jagriti Yatra is set up under a non-profit charitable organization Jagriti Sewa Sansthan and is

    headquartered in Mumbai. Jagriti Sewa Sansthan is based in Deoria, U.P.

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    EnterpriseLed-Development (Udyan Janit Vikas)

    Indias demography represents a diamond more than a pyramid. Middle India - 60 crores Indians who are no longer destitute but often lack the means to earn a living. Jobs are few and far between, and for these young Indians enterprise is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Instead of relying on charitable aid, enterprise led development seeks to create sustainable and scalable enterprises in the middle of the Indian demographic diamond. By participating in local, scalable enterprise, these Indians will not only find employment; they will create employment for others.

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    Four Axes Of The Yatra Exposed to role models, change-makers and leaders who have made a difference to thousands of lives.

    Demonstrate how social and economic enterprises have succeeded in rural India.

    Chance to forge bonds with like-minded young leaders.

    Platform to inspire young Indians to undertake their own enterprise building journey.

    Awaken the aspiration of being the change.

    Mission To nurture 1 lakh entrepreneurs by 2022 and create 10 lakh jobs in this process

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    Role Models

    The unsung heroes who are champions of change having sustained success with high social impact. Being there and learning how it is done at the locations with amazing personal stories from them is really inspiring.

    Panel Discussion

    High profile award winning panelists discuss on present challenges of India. Panelists like Sachin Bansal (Flipkart), Rajeev Sardesai (Editor-in-Chief , IBN 18 Network) etc.

    Come from all corners of India with a good proportion of Indians from smaller towns and rural areas.

    Contingent of International participants too.

    Leaders from one or more of the seven verticals of development or experts in business domains.

    People like Shaheen Mistry (Founder, Teach for India), Jude Kelly (Artistic Director, Southbank Centre).


    Resource Person

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    You cannot experience the Yatra from hearing or reading about it- You need to hop on to the Jagriti Rail and be fully immersed in the journey to experience its power & magic.


    20% started their own enterprise after the Yatra and around 45 enterprises being created by Yatris every year. You can be the next entrepreneur.


    Understanding of different career choices and greater understanding of multiple cultures.

    3- Chance to join social enterprises and start-ups. Around 20% have done so.


    Chance to directly get involved in nation-building activity. Around 51% have done so.


    Chance to be a part of a wide alumni base spread across globe. Amazing networking opportunity with the most diverse kind of crowd.


    Chance to represent Odisha at the national level and spread awareness about Odisha to fellow yatris.

    7- Chance to represent your institute at the national level.


    Unique platform to meet some amazing personalities and develop interpersonal skills. A life time opportunity for everyone.

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    To select a Yatri; abilities, motivations, values, commitment and approach to solve Indias pressing problems are considered instead of exam-results.

    Focus remains on Middle India and an even geographic spread within India. Also at least 40% women participation.

    Yatris selected can either be a Participant or a Facilitator.

    There will be 375 participants in the age group of 20-27 who want to be the change they want to see.

    There will be 75 Facilitators who are experienced professionals, over 25 years of age, who play the dual role of a mentor and coordinator during the Yatra and are assigned a group of 8-10 participants.

    Register online or download paper application in Hindi or English from website or call Mumbai office for a paper application.

    Online and handwritten applications accepted in Hindi/English. Fill the application and submit/post. There is an option of applying for partial or full sponsorship.

    Three selectors from a panel review each application and shortlist based on response to the questions asked in the application form.

    On shortlist, fill the sponsorship application form only if you want to apply for sponsorship. Your selection is confirmed even without sponsorship.

    On confirming your selection, pay the applicable fee and additional documents if needed. You are all set to board the train on 24th Dec, 2014.

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    Sample Questions

    Do you have a role model in life?

    Challenges faced in life and learning.

    What are your future plans?

    What are your Entrepreneurial initiatives so far?

    What is the next big challenge concerning your community or India?

    How will you tackle this challenge?

    What is your motivation to come on the Yatra?

    Why should you be selected?

    Application consists of a series of essay questions designed to ascertain the candidates ability to think out of the box and commitment to solve challenges facing India through enterprise.

    Subjective evaluation of the raw entrepreneurial potential within a candidate by a selection panel of 20 experts. Facilitators are further judged on their professional experience and ability to coordinate and manage youth activities.

    Application Form Start your application by registering on www.jagritiyatra.com/register.

    The form has three sections namely- Personal Details, Enterprise Involvement, General Aptitude.

    There are no charges for applying for Jagriti Yatra.

    The application form can be submitted online as well as by paper format.

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    Sponsorship opportunities are available for applicants on basis of their financial need and merit.

    Candidates who apply for sponsorships are carefully assessed and part or full sponsorships are granted to the most deserving.

    An authentic document supporting your income claim has to be submitted.

    Jagriti aims to support about 300 yatris through either part or full sponsorships.

    Sponsorship Fee Structure

    Organizing a 2-week train journey with supporting personnel and delivering a rich program with exceptional role models, calls for significant expenditure .

    The total cost of Yatra is Rs. 51,000/- per person. This amount is without any kind of sponsorship.

    Yatris with full sponsorship have to pay Rs.5,000/- only as registration fee.

    Yatris with part sponsorship have to pay Rs. 28,000/- (Rs.5,000 + Rs. 23,000) as the total fee.

    Registrations for Jagriti Yatra have started from January, 2014.

    Registrations will close on 30th October, 2014 .

    The chances of selection are higher if application is submitted early because selection of the candidates happen every month on a regular basis.

    Confirmed list of Yatris onboard 30th November, 2014

    Yatra starts- 24th Dec, 2014.

    Yatra ends 8th Jan, 2015

    Key Dates

  • About Jagriti Yatra

    Why Jagriti Yatra ?

    Why You ? Selection Process

    Highlights Of Past Yatra

    Anshu Gupta Goonj

    Kiran Majumdar Biocon

    Bunker Roy Barefoot College

    Dr. Arvind Arvind Eye Care

    Joe Madiath Gram Vikas

    Till now 212 yatris have turned entrepreneurs, around 280 have joined NGOs or social enterprises. JY has been executed successfully for 6 consecutive years & has impacted the lives of more than 2500 yatris. 99% of Yatris recommend the yatra as a Must- have Experience. 100% of the Role Models believe that Yatra is changing the mindset of the youth. 20% yatris have started their own enterprise after the Yatra. 47% of the enterprises have been started in small towns & villages. JY has g