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a SSVB Group


Welcomes You

a SSVB GroupSwastha Bharat Saksham Bharat


FMCG Retail

4a SSVB Group


FMCG Retail

In India, Normal kirana stores will have unmanaged hand.If we see profit sharing, there are Producer, C & F Agents, Distributors, Wholesaler and Small retailers. So, every stages profit will be added, product become more costlier and also customer get costlier.Small retailers do unethical work in product quality to increase their profit so adulterated product reached to customer which effects in customer health.

a SSVB Group

Customer has no rights and respects. Transaction shall be done by seeing customers and product rate also as well.In small retail, there will be no proper display so that possibility of damaged and expiry and then it sales to customer whether it is defective which effect the health of customer.Small retailers is not legally registered, for sales tax and income tax. Proper bill system is not their so that govt taxes incurred loss and lack of tax bill there will be no facility and lack consumer rights.a SSVB Group

Core IdeologyCore PurposeTo fulfill customer desires.To generate income for our all stakeholders.

Core ValuesTo serve the customer with no harm.To serve in a way that customer dont ever face a difficulty.

Vision and MissionVision-To become worlds No. 1 company by making every Indian family economically strong and physically healthy.

Mission- To become customer oriented company.Till 2017 start 500 SSVB Bhavya Bachat Store within & outside Gujarat.

a SSVB Group

SSVB Bhavya Bachat StoreSSVB Business India ltd. is the public limited company which is registered in 2006 as an act 1956 and registered no. U52190GJ2006PLC47967 Company is in FMCG retail, Restaurant and hotels, Manufacturing, Travels and transport, Real estate and Farming from 9 years. In FMCG retail SSVB Bhavya Bachat Stroe is the venture of SSVB.a SSVB Group


11a SSVB Group

Store Location Company starts its stores in Urban & Semi Urban.Store open in 15000 to 20000 population Company store situated in main bazaar or main road where customer footfall is more. We took care of parking facility in our store front.a SSVB Group

Store size and Structure Store size should in appr. 1000 to 1500 sq. feet and 20 to 50 feet and 26 to 50 feet.We took care of parking facility and freedom of buy space in store to customer.Store has self service facility.For customer, facility of baskets & trollies.

a SSVB Group

For cereal there will be special pallets at branch. One PC which is connected with head offices server via internet. Every branch monitor under the CCTV camera which is handle at HO.At branch, there are 1 branch manager who are graduate and experience, 1 cashier who has computer knowledge and 12th pass and 2 sales girl specially responsible for store cleaning.For home delivery 1 bike is there and managed from Head office.a SSVB Group

Customer Segment We focus to give benefits to middle class family Salary criteria of Rs. 5000 to 50000. Middle class people prefer to buy from traditional market, so for that family, we give best quality proximate to customer so that they maintain their health.Middle class family has to adjust with his limited income, SSVB gives plans to buy and give opportunity to save their money.

a SSVB Group

Recently education proportion get increased and media promotional activity and life style has changed.Middle class family has expect to get modern facility with freedom of buy facility.SSVB value card has different plans that customer can increase his savings, the cards like Bachat card, Annapurna card, Gruhalaxmi card, Smart shrimati card and satisfy his desire.SSVB is customer oriented company,

a SSVB Group

We give more benefits by proper use modern technology and modern management.With modern technology acceptancy, We maintain Indian culture by believing customer as God. Here treatment with god and Customer are very similar.SSVB purchase product directly from the company or factory and all the purchase from one place so discount should be more..a SSVB Group

To attract customer we implement unique marketing strategy with todays special, Bhavya bachat divas, scratch card, combo scheme etc.CRM department took feedback for facility and services and improve in inconvenience.a SSVB Group

a SSVB GroupProduct list

Specialities in SSVBa SSVB Group

How SSVB Different from others?

SSVB 3 Pillars of SSVB BBS

Best QualityBest Rate

Best Experience

a SSVB Group

Best Qualitya SSVB GroupBest quality maintain human being healthy so need to consume only healthy food.Giffen goods consumption may welcome disease.

Health We give guaranteed quality To maintain this quality each & every stages it checked very systematic way.

a SSVB Group

Packing All product in packingWe do packing in transparent so that customer can check in proper manner.All products are properly weight on electronic machine.Because of ready made packing customer can save their time.Product price, weight, packing date, expiry date are describe on packing product.a SSVB Group

Cleaned StoreStore cleaned as per time scheduled decide by management.For customer convenience we try to make fresh buying environment in our store.Cleaned store = Fresh procuct

a SSVB Group

Fresh Stock Every couple of days, goods are transferred to branches so that customer get fresh product.We Implement FIFO method in our store.FIFO maintain while cleaning th racks.

a SSVB Group


Branded ProductsWe sale only branded products which customers actually demands.Branded products are checked very proper manner in different stages so quality is trustworthy.Products quality and quanity was good.We put different products as per customer desire.a SSVB Group

Well Packaging productsBefore packing, we take care of product by traditional method.When lady customer used our product they do not waste time to clean product again.We use transparent and best bag to packing the prodct.

a SSVB Group

Expiry and Damaged Special team for expiry and damaged while they are cleaning the racks.So that product fully used before damaged or expiry.We also take care while delivering the product to customer.

a SSVB Group

First in first out policy

a SSVB GroupFIFO method used By this method, product quality maintained.Giffen quality product should not reach to customer.

No Adulteration We take care or maintain the difference between showing and proper delivering.Normal traditional kiranas they show good quality and deliver others quality may be possible.In SSVB, Customer can check product 100 times that much freedom given.

a SSVB Group

Best Rate

Recently, inflation rate is more but opposite income rate not increased so difficult to get reasonable rate product.Pay more than product price so less money for others products.Low income and more additional expense.a SSVB Group


a SSVB GroupEvery product guaranteed less than MRP Every product has 2 to 70% discount. So that customer get more savings.Customer get best quality at lowest price.At last customer saves his income also.


Fixed MarginEvery Product have fixed marginSo adulteration is not possible.All product available in reasonable price.a SSVB Group

Combo offersAt store some product have discount 10 to 50% which steps to make combo.

a SSVB Group

Todays Special and Bumper Zone

Daily one product has big offer which gives big offer to customers.So that customer get different scheme benefits.Loyal customer get this benefits which is also as additional savings.

a SSVB Group

a SSVB GroupThis benefits is depends on purchasing power of customer.More purchase more saving to the customer.This particular day customer get benefits of additional 5 % Discount.

Bhavya Bachat Divas

Festival SchemeIn festival customer need some extra benefits.By this festival scheme we give extraordinary savings.

a SSVB Group

Customer DesireLoyal Customer get some surprise gift for customer so that customer become happy.

a SSVB Group

Company Scheme

a SSVB GroupBranded Company provide Some Scheme which is safely reach to the customer.Company taking care to provide this type of benefits properly reach to customer.

SavingSavingSaving All people thinking how savings will increase it possible only in SSVBSSVB main aim is to make healthy and economically strong.SSVB come to market to make more saving to the customer.a SSVB Group

Every branch same priceFor different branch, price is not different. The price is decided centrally once price is decided, the all branch have same rate.

a SSVB Group

Bulk PurchaseAll purchase done from head office.Bulk purchase is there so per product cost decreases so that customer get lowest price.a SSVB Group

Price Matching Company give best price guarantee.Each & every product has less than MRP, If more than market price of our price, we give guaranteed reward on difference in rate. a SSVB Group

Fixed rateAll the product has its lowest price so there is no possibility of bargaining.By doing bargaining, we dont do unethical activity at store.

a SSVB Group

Best ExperienceAfter enter into store customer feels many changes daily.They know many things about store, services, schemes etc.For customer happy, we do many activities


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