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  • **Question-1Which of these nations has never qualified for a World Cup-Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba?

  • **Answer of Q.1Venezuela

  • **Question-2Which African team was the first to play in FIFA World Cup?

  • **Answer of Q.2Egypt

  • **Question -3Which country won the last two World Cups?

  • **Answer of Q.3Spain (2010) and Italy (2006).

  • **Question- 4Which country has been banned by FIFA for World Cup 2018?

  • **Answer of Q.4Myanmar

  • **Question-5The 1986 World Cup was held in Mexico-after which host coentry pulled out?


  • **Answer of Q.5Colombia

  • **Question-6Which ball was used in FIFA World Cup 2010?

  • **Answer of Q.6Jabulani

  • **Question-7Scientific names are written in what language?

  • **Answer of Q.7Latin

  • **Question 8Mumbai Metro which was recently inaugurated in June 2014 has been developed under Public Private Partnership Model. Name the private partner of the Mumbai Metro?

  • **Answer of Q.8Reliance

  • **Question 9Name the river of Himachal Pradesh in which 24 engineering students from Hyderabad recently drowned?

  • **Answer of Q.9River Beas

  • **Question 10

    The book titled Substance and the Shadow recently released is a biography of .

  • **Answer of Q.10Dilip Kumar

  • **Question 11Name the State that recently launched Amma Salt under the social welfare scheme in the State?

  • **Answer of Q.11Tamil Nadu

  • **Question-12World Blood Day is observed on

  • **Answer of Q.12June 14

  • **Question-13Who was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Infosys on 11 June 2014?

  • **Answer of Q.13Vishal Sikka

  • **Question-14

    Former Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit has been appointed new governor of ..

  • **Answer of Q.14Kerala

  • **Question 15Who has been appointed Prime Minister of Nepal?

  • **Answer of Q 15.Sushil Koirala

  • **Question 16Name the State that recently established women helpline in each district?

  • **Answer of Q 16Uttar Pradesh

  • **Question 17Modi-led NDA Government will present its first general Budget on..........................

  • **Answer of Q 1710th July

  • **Question 1835th edition of the National Games (biggest national sporting event) will be held in which state from January 31 to February 14 in 2015 as announced recently?

  • **Answer of Q 18


  • **Question 19Which state on 27 June 2014 witnessed a gas pipeline blast of Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) in which 16 people died?

  • **Answer of Q 19Andhra Pradesh

  • **Question 20Which airport won the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award by Airport Council International (ACI)?

  • **Answer of Q 20Kolkata

  • **Question 21The Indian Air Force (IAF) on 3 July 2014 launched nations first 3D mobile game in a bid to attract generation-next youth to pursue a career in the air force. What is the name of this mobile game?

  • **Answer of Q 21Guardians of the Skies (GOTS)

  • **Question 22Who was re-appointed as the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 3 July 2014 by the Union Govt.?

  • **Answer of Q 22Harun Rashid Khan

  • **Question 23 The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of social networking major Facebook, who is on a visit to India, on 3 July called on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. What is her name?

  • **

    Answer of Q 23Sheryl Sandberg

  • **Question 24With which country India released first encyclopedia on Culture?

  • **Answer of Q 24China

  • **Question 25Who bagged Liberty Medal for the year 2014?

  • **Answer of Q 25Malala Yousafzai


  • **

    Michelle Howard became the first female four-star admiral in US Navy. She is the first women admiral in 238 year old history of US Navy.