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  • From Bhagavan Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba Prasanthi Nilayam

    50 Letters To Elder Sister Venkamma and Her Son M. Senkara Raju

  • PART I

    32 Handwritten Letters by

    Bhagavan to His Sister Venkamma

    Venkamma and Bhagavan


    18 Handwritten Letters by

    Bhagavan to M. Senkara Raju

    M.Senkara Raju (Senkarappa)




  • PART I

    Sri Sathya Sai Camp Bhadrachalam 1-1-1955 Venkamma Today is New Years Day. I bless you with a long life, happiness and peace. This New Year will give you all kinds of happiness. I am in Bhadrachalam now. We came in eight cars yesterday night Rajamma, Seeethamma, Seshagiri Rao, Narasamma, Cincholi Lakshmi Bai and Chincholi Rani are here with me. Kousalyamma, Bhanumathi, their next door neighbor, her husband, their child and many new people are all here. Here Rajammas son Krishnaswamy is a D.S.P. That is why boats and all arrangements were offered to us with all facilities. Tell all the people in the Old Sai Mandir and tell Krish-namma in the New Mandir that I am very well, happy and in bliss. I will be coming back soon. Tell everyone in the village. Thats all. No time. Revered Baba


  • Blessings Venkamma Himayatnagar 20.12.1955 Arrangements have been made here on a very grand scale. I left Hyderabad and came to Himayatnagar yesterday. From here I will go to Suryapet, Nalagonda, Jangam, Warangal and Mehboobabad. We have been greeted in every town with excellent lodg-ings, festooned with mountain sized hanging garlands. I am very happy. Krishna went to Madras day before yesterday. Patala Ramu, Seshagiri Rao, Narasamma, Chincholi Rani, Narasimha Reddy and many other people are coming with me to every town. I am eating food from time to time. I am very happy. Otherwise there is no time for even a second. There is no rest. Thousands and thousands of people are making grand arrangements and expressing their deep devotion. Write to me at Chincholi Ranis house in Hyderabad, iIt will reach me. Look after the Mandir very well. Convey my blessings to all our friends there. Chebroli Subba Rao and his wife, Minister Naragondu Rama Rao, his wife and brother, Vijayalakshmamma are all coming to Hyderabad. I will write about other matters later. All is well. Polakammas daughter and Janakis wedding is on the 28th. Knowing my program, I have made all the arrangements. They are all very happy. I am going to Jangam. Thats all. My Blessings to all. Convey to everyone that I am in bliss and happiness. Blessings Revered Baba


  • Camp Suryapet 23-12-1955 This letter is Venkamma I came to this town yesterday. I am doing well. All types of facilities have been prepared for us here. There are lots of people following behind me wher-ever I go. Everywhere we go people have extended great hospitality to us. The arrangements they have made put me in bliss. Seven to eight cars are following me wherever I go. I am writing this letter quickly as time is very short. I am going to Jangam tomorrow. I will write a letter from there. Thats all. Blessings. Revered Baba


  • Rutland Gate, Vijay Sai Vihar 10-12-1953 Venkamma We reached Madras at 10 pm yesterday night. We arrived in bliss without any difficulties. In the middle of the journey we had our lunch and later stopped for coffee at Madanapalle. We are all fine and happy. How is Vijaya? Are all the devotees doing well? I suppose all are happy and com-fortable there? Take good care of the temple. Is Krishtappa there? Has his sister-in-law gone to her na-tive place? She said that she would be going. I told them to start the work in the village. Give ten rupees to each of them for their meals (work-ers). Take vouchers for everything. As soon as the money is all spent, write a letter to me and I will send you more. Work should start in Bukkapatnam too. Tell them I en-quired about them and sent my blessings to all of them; Grandmother and her grandchildren, Savithramma, Sharadamma, Kishtamma, Konamma and Kamalamma, Parvathamma, Ramiah, Kishtappa, Seshagiri Rao and the Gurkha (security guard). Give my Blessings to all of them. Get the work done in the village quickly. I am fine and well. Tell them to take care of the cattle. Tell them to pour water in the places where the trees have been axed. Put some manure around the plants. Revered Baba


  • Vijay Sai Vihar, Rutland Gate, Madras Venkamma Baba writes with blessings. Hope you have received my letter. There have been no letters from there. Have the workers come? I have received a letter from Hindupuram saying that they will come if we send money. But do not send money to them. They have completed only 15 days work with our one month salary along with food. Those four people have cooks money of Rs.40, Nanjappas past debt of Rs.10 and Babu has Rs.20. Even after having this amount with them, they wrote to us to send them money. So, do not give any money to them. They took advantage of our kindness and got spoiled.


  • (Reverse side) So, inform Krishtappa and ask someone else to come. Or if they want to, then they can only come. You will not know if they ask for money. Tell them that it can be discussed once Swami arrives. And do not talk about any other debts. We can discuss that after the work is completed. If they say that they are not going to come anymore then ask them to pay money for the food and the past debt with Nanjappa's money. Some people, either from that town or other, will come for cheaper rate. Send Krishtappa by giving him bus fare and get the work started. I am fine here. That's all. Convey my regards to everyone. Janaki Ramaiah is fine. He's here only. (These are the sentences written on the top diagonally.)


  • Venkamma We reached Madras at 1:30 in the night. I saw Ramaya in Madanapalli. He is fine and has become quite fat. The doctors have told him that he is alright and to go home. But they have asked him to come for a monthly check-up. That is why he said he will stay in the village. Otherwise he will come to Madras. I told him it is al-right. The moment I came here Parvathamma, Hanumantha Rao and Rajagaru and others cried very much that I have be-come very thin. They asked about you too. You eat on time, forget everything and look after the work. Have you seen Senkarappa or not? Tell him to study hard. Stay at the Old Mandir and look after the work.


  • (Reverse side) We will try for a house when I come there. Inform Parvathamma too. Tell her not to speak too much to anybody with the Mandiram people. Do not quarrel with each other and be happy. Tell her that I have written very well on her. Even if it is good they will take it in a negative way. So do not meddle in the affairs of anyone. Be happy. I will look after everything. I will write again later. Convey my regards to Maruthi, Nagendra, Senkara and Chitti. Convey to Pushpamma also. Convey my regards and blessings to all the devotees. Thats all. Blessings Yours Baba


  • Venkamma. Baba writes with blessings. I received the letter you sent through Krishtappa and I hope you got my letter sent through post. I am happy. You wrote that you are not feeling good mentally. This is all normal. This all happened due to Subbaraju. You should get used to it. Dont take it to your heart and think about them in your mind unnecessarily. Everything will pass soon. Go to the Mandir. The matters will settle down. The matters concerned with the village and the house will be normal soon. Be at peace for some time. Convey my blessings to Senkarappa. Inform Nagendra, Maruthi and Chandralekha too. I heard that Parvathamma has a nerve problem. I have sent the medicines and tell her the pain will subside soon. She is in great difficulty after she went there. I will be coming there soon. I have sent medicines for Parvathamma and you too. Do not inform Subbaraju. Subbaraju is writing letters to Janakiramiah asking for money. I had recently sent 100 rupees. He had even acknowledged that. He wrote that he is now healthy and fine and has been sent home from the hospital. I wrote and told him to stay in Krishnas sisters place and I would send money for expenses. Let Pushpamma know all this. Tell her not to worry about it and shortly the boy will get a job in a good place. In these times attaining knowledge is difficult. Even though there is a difficulty inform the boy that he has to bear it for some time. Tell him that Swami will take care of everything.


  • (Reverse side) I have not written a letter to Karnam Kamalamma separately because everyone would see it. Inform her accordingly. Tell her not to be afraid and live happily. Swami would take care of her in all respects. Tell her that she will be victorious soon. Inform her through Pushpamma at least. I will come soon. Thats all, Blessings Convey my blessings to Swami Rao and Bheemanna.


  • Brindavan, Bangalore I came to know all the matters. All are happy and healthy here. I think that the children are healthy there. You do not give space for all unnecessary things they say. They have menial thoughts and knowledge. Their loose talk will not stand any day. They will not come to any good in their lives. They are not able to accept people who are successful. They are not good people any