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it shows the national symbols of india. this are very useful for the country india


  • 1. Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka-jaya Bharatha-bhagya-vidhata Punjab-sindhu-gujaratha-maratha Dravida-utkala-vanga Vindya-himachala-yamuna ganga Uchchala-jaladhi taranga Tava shubha name jage Tava shubha ashsisha mage Gaye tava jaya gatha Jana gana mangala dayaka jaya he Bharatha bhagya vidhata Jaya he; Jaya he; Jaya he; Jaya,jaya,jaya,jaya heJai hind

2. Our national anthem written by Ravindra nath tagore Our national anthem is jana gana mana It is first sung in calcutta It is adopted in the year 1950 on 24th january 3. Vande mataram is our national song It is written by bankim chandra chatterjee It is adopted in the year 1950 4. Our national flower is lotus It is in pink colour It is beautiful flower 5. Our national emblem consists of four lions Down of four lions ashoka chakra is present . Left side of ashok horse is present and right side bull is present 6. Our national animal is tiger It is an wild animal and it can run very fast 7. Our national bird is peacock It has many feathers It is very beautiful When it opens its feathers 8. Our national tree is banyan It is very big in size It has strong braches 9. Our national fruit is mango It is so sweet It is seen Only in summer 10. Our national game is hockey It is an international game 11 players will play In this game 11. Our national river is ganga It is largest river in india There are Temples near the river 12. Our natioanal reptile is crocodile It is very dangeours to us It lives in forest 13. Father of india is mohan das karamchand gandhi. o He did many moments like non cooperation moment,satya graha,civil disobidence,quit india moments etc when in freedom struggle. o He is also called as Mahatma gandhi o 14. Our national snake is king cobra. It is most poisionous snake than snakes.