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Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forum\h\oXw \h\oXw \h\oXw \h\oXw NAVANEETHAM NAVANEETHAM 1183 / April 2008 \h\oXw Page- 1 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumWish you a very happy VISHU and New Year!! !!(Graphics courtesy - Pravin Balan ([email protected])Om Namo Narayanaya: Om Namo Narayanaya: WQxV eL YOvLpPqL WQxV eL YOvLpPqL WQxV eL YOvLpPqL WQxV eL YOvLpPqL WQxV eL YOvLpPqL WQxV eL YOvLpPqL WQxV eL YOvLpPqL WQxV eL YOvLpPqL! !! !Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya. \h\oXw Page- 2 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumSubmitted at the lotus feet of Sri Guruvayoorappan by the devotees.Navaneetham is completing two years of publication. We takethis opportunity to thank dear Guruvayoorappan for allowing usto continue this project successfully every month. Also we liketo thank all the members contributed andhelped to make this a success. Sunil Menon, EditorOm Namo Narayanaya: \h\oXw Page- 3 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forumv]xpNWoU / v]xpNWoU / v]xpNWoU / v]xpNWoU / CONTENTS / / / / o o o o 5 NR Pillai (Raju)zauo- zu co+- zauo- zu co+- zauo- zu co+- zauo- zu co+-6 Dr. AP SkukamrMY LOVE 7 Neena & ManojMy Grandmother's Faith8Balagopal Ramakrishnan Geeta Dhyaanam 9 Veena NairKadampuzha Sree Parvathy Temple11Seema Ravindran +acam cc ac- +acam cc ac- +acam cc ac- +acam cc ac- o-- . o-- . o-- . o-- .14 Balenduo+ |c| o+ |c| o+ |c| o+ |c| o-- . o-- . o-- . o-- .15 BalenduNALAMBALAM YATHRA 16 Bhadra Krishna PrasadKanichukulangara Temple 22 InduSarada Ma 25 VeenaVishu & Wealth 29 Balagopal RamakrishnanSpeaking with Death 31 Vinod PS+acamo.- . ccaz:- +acamo.- . ccaz:- +acamo.- . ccaz:- +acamo.- . ccaz:-35Balendu+acamo.- +acamo.- +acamo.- +acamo.-38AP Skukamr - - - - h h h h 39NR Pilla RajuTemples in USA 49Chandra SekharanMember News Group News50Vinod PS, Anjusha & Sreekumar WQxV eL YOvLpPqL! \h\oXw Page- 4 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forum . .. .( (( (- -- - ) )) ) , ,, , , , , , ! !! ! o o o o : :: : , , , , , ,, , , , , , g , , , , o , , , , ! !! !h og h o. .. .ki g - -- -o i . .. .oi - -- - . .. .i o , , , , - -- -oi og . .. . , , , , , ,, , , , , , g . .. . , , , , , ,, , o , , , , ! !! ! , 01.09.1183. , 01.09.1183. , 01.09.1183. , 01.09.1183. \h\oXw Page- 5 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees Forumzauo- zu co+-cea. -.-|.cza:zauo- zu co+- cau|a z+. cza-+-cazs- zo-ac|c- cza-+-|c-a +|o- ma-+cza| +|c:c-ca:oz+o- cocic-- ccicao ccs|c-+azc- +|ca:oao+ -+oz~ +|+cac|oco~ zaa cza-cc|o o-oao+ac c-za+|o~ s||o -+cz oa~ coc- ec -acza+|o~ zaa zcs| c-ao oa~ +|+ +|~ cicoa-|ao+ m + +|c,z_|o z+ cca cc|c- -+oz+- oca+ zac- -+ oa+o|o+a+-+o o|o, -osao +|~ o:m+s|o z;+aoa z-|c+coz+|o ccic-- m+a \h\oXw Page- 6 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumMy LoveManoj & NeenaI love my parents, Like I lover my butter ! See my hands, placed one inside my mouthAnd the other inside the pot ! due to the tasteAnd my wish I have on that !A day without butter I can not imagine and to get My daily butter I do any childish pranks! With love , care & kissesDear parents, this is me yours dear & dearest Kannan. Toooo Much butter is on my lips and all around this is for myFather & mother . Come behind me and take it. Ha..hahaaaaa Kindly read the above with well purified love on our lord KrishanTo the lotus feet of our beloved god : Manoj & Neena , P.O.Box: 1169; Sharjah U.A.E \h\oXw Page- 7 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumMy Grandmother's FaithBalagopal Ramakrishnan Earliest memory about my grandmother is herruthless daily routine of waking up at 3.30 inthe morning. Like most children I was alsofond of her. She took opportunity of this bywaking me up at every hour to figure out whattime was it of the night. Being above 75 (sinceI remember), she could miss a chime or twoof the clock and she did not know to read theclock. By no means she wanted to miss herroutine. Getting up so early our lady had a lotto do. Cleaning and setting up the 'puja' roomtook about an hour or so. Followed this byhaving a round at the cow sheds, cleaning itup and get the holy animals ready for the dayit will be time for her personal hygiene. Thehouse stood in a plot of more than an acreand had two ponds- one large and the othersmaller. Big one for regulars and smaller forthe special days of the month for the women.She was extremely obstinate about thesesegregations. At her age she always used thebig one every time. Rain or thunder, hotmonths of Meenam and Medam or the bonebiting cold nights (in those days)ofDhanu and Makaram (maram kochunnamakaram)she had to do one hundred dipsholding her nostrils, to complete her bathingablutions. By now the time is leaving itsrelaxed zone and moved into the erroneouszones of hectic activities. Changing herclothes, tying up her hair which can no morego grey and white, prepares to rush to thenearby Bhagavathy temple. It is still dark andthe world is still in its deep slumber. By thetime she is hurrying out some members in thehouse might step out of their beds. The twohouses ( main building and a new modernone) had a fairly large ground. A wholebattalion arrives to start sweeping the area.She has to walk through the road, which isthe main thoroughfare. She paces fast withjust one Goal-to touch the temple with all thatprayers and devotion. She didn't know a thingabout religion, and unheard of even the word-spirituality. Never bothered to know too. Sheknew to keep the god's name on her lips. Itmeant everything. And she was extremelycareful about keeping herself safe from thosewho didn't belong to her caste. Even withinher own people she kept her distinction-shewould repeat the hundred dips if someonewho has not taken the bath happens to touchher. While walking to the temple she wascareful not to stamp on any cloth piece,and/or even a thread. She would return backhome, take her hundred dips, change clothesand then go to the temple. Had she done thismore than once? Yes. After growing too old tocontinue these practices she used to spendtime at the homes of her children who werestaying in far off cities. Once at one of thesehomes she had literally did a long jump toavoid the very large foot mat which had someclothe threads on it. She just couldn't beareven the thought of going any where nearthem. It could be of someone from the othercastes!! Who knows!! At her age frequent longjumping was not a good idea and she fellbadly and broke her legs. She was a devoteepar excellent. By the time she reaches thetemple, the poor temple priest himself mightnot have reached. She would wait. Anembarrassed pujari hurries up and the godsand goddesses are awakened. Mygrandmother was not an exception, in factshe was the general. Our religion trudged ,trudges and will trudge along deeply rooted inits rituals, with most of them totally ignorant ofwhat they are doing, and even not wanting toknow them too. But for one thing they were allsure- they remembered the star and birthdates of all their children, grandchildren andclose relatives and bothered and took pain toconduct 'pushpanjali' and many otherofferings for their well being. These are theinvestments they did to see their progenieswind through the myriad labyrinths of their lifein good and bad times and spaces. Whatdrove them was simple, unadulterated FAITH.They just believedand they lived. \h\oXw Page- 8 Monthly Newsletter of Guruvayoor Devotees ForumGeeta DhyanamVeena Nair|| Om Namo Narayanaya ||Krishna is talking about the virtues of action. Not for a minute can any creature indulge in inaction.Krishna is advocating here that man should act with the right attitude so as to avoid wasting his/her energiesin useless pursuits. Then there are people who think of taking sanyaas or believe that giving up the worldand retiring to some secluded place is the antidote to all problems. But Krishna says, even that is a mistake.Because karmendriyaani sam-yamya ya aaste manasa smaran | indriyaarthaan-vimudhaatmaa mithyaachaarah sa uchyate || 3.6 ||He, who restraining the sense organs, sits thinking of the sense objects, is of confused understanding, andis a hypocrite.Krishna says that for one aspiring to renunciation, a withdrawal from all kinds of actions must beaccompanied by the mental withdrawal from all sense objects everything that is bound to attract thesenses. Otherwise he is a hypocrite.Swami Chinmayananda explains that far worse than physically indulging in a negative thought is to mentallyindulge in it. This is because the mind has a tendency to repeatedly cling to its own thoughts; so it is likedigging a trench for the mind, when we repeatedly indulge in some immoral or criminal thought; the mindgets used to thinking that way and before long we will find all our actions motivated by those evil thoughts.Similarly a mind engaged in some pleasure of the senses will continue to drown itself in those pleasures andthe person finds himself caught in a whirlpool of unwanted thoughts and related actions. To also pretend tobe physically virtuous while engaging at the mental level in foul motives is the sign of a hypocrite. Krishna now explains how one should act \h\oXw Page- 9 Monthly Newsl