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  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    Chaudhary, Bhavya Esq.The Law Oice of Bhaya Chaudhary5696 Peachtree Parkway Ste ANorcross, GA 30092


    US Deprtment tie

    Executive Oce r Imigraion Review

    Bod ogo AO o h Ck

    507 Lebrg Pke Sut 000Fas Clrch Vgna 04/

    HS/ICE Oice of Chief Counsel AT180 Sprig Street Suite 332Atanta, GA 30303

    A 088-276788

    Date of this otice 8/22/2013

    nclosed s a copy of he Bod's decisio ad orde he above-ereced case.


    Mb:G A J.C P APy Rg


    D clDonna Cr

    Chief lerk


    U k

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  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    U Deparmen ofusiceExecutive dce r Immation Revew

    Decison of he Boar of mmiaion Appeals

    Fa Chuch, Vrginia 22041

    File: 88 276 788 Alana GA





    O ELF OF RESPONEN havya Chaudhary, Esquire

    ON EAL OF DS Mary C LeeAssisan Chief Consel


    AUG 2 013

    Nice: Sec 212(a)(6)(A)(i), & Ac [8 U.SC 182(a)(6)()(i)] Pesen wiho being admied or paoled (conceded)

    ALCAIO: Adjusmen of sas

    e esponden, a naive and ciize of ndia, appeals om he Immiaion JudgesJanuary 31, 212, decisio, preemiing he esponde's applicaion r adjusen of sausunder secion 245(i) of he mmigaion ad Naionaiy Ac, 8 SC 1255(i) is appeal willbe ssined and he ecord wil be emanded r er proceedigs consisen wih hisdecision.

    hee is o dispue ha he responden is he so of Y ogesh Padya, a naive and ciize ofndia (lJ. a 4 Tr a 13637 Resp ay 4, 2, reia emoandum a abs FG) Therespoden mainains ha a labo cericaion was led on is hers behalf on or bereApil 3, 21, ideniing his faher as Rajesh Dave (J a 4; r. a 13637, 17778;Resp May 4, 2, Peia emoandm a ab ) y vire of is ling, e espondensses a he is a grndeed alien nder secion 245(i) of he Ac, such a he is eligible oadjus is saus nowihsanding he c ha e eneed he ied Saes wihou inspecion ndaissio o parole (Resp ref a 1119 IJ a 4; Tr a 23, 4-42, 44, 4748, 56-57; Exh 28)

    e Imigraon Judge concluded ha e responden is no a grandheed aien undesecion 25(i) of he c becase e did no esbis a e is he deivaive beneciry of aabo ceicaion led on o bee Apil 3 2 (J. a 4-5). Specically, she d ha heesponden did no presen any evidence esablising a e respondens he, Yogeshndya, d e abo cericaion beneciry, Rajesh Dave, are he same peson (.J a 4-5)On appeal, he esponden mainains, /, a he Imiaion Jdge eed in concludingha Yogesh Pandya nd Rajesh Dave are no he same peson (Resp ief a 511 )

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  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    088 2688

    We review the Iiato udges cual dg that there is o evidece establishg hathe resodets ther is kow as Rajesh ave r cear error Ce error revew sscaly dereal" o the ier o c ad recudes reversal eve i he reviewig

    authority vews e evdece derely o he ct der. See Concrete Pipe & Products ofCal., Inc v Consuction Laborers Pension Trust Fund for S Cl 508 S 602 623 (993);Anderson v Ci of Bessemer Ci N, 40 S 564, 534 (985) I oer words, wherehere e wo essibe views o the evidece, the c ders choice betwee the s ocle eor See Anderson v Ci of essemer Ci, N supra at 54 Accordgly order toreverse a actual deteriatio, he apellae body mus, uo cosderatio o e etireevidece," be le wth the dee d covicto ha a stake has bee coted"See United States v United Sttes Gypsum Co 333 S. 364 395 (948)

    Alough we exress o oo as to he sucecy o the resodets evdece seekig toestabsh tha Yogesh adya ad Rajesh ave are he sae erso, we disce clear eor i theImgrao Judges dig ha the resodet dd ot preset any evdece reeva o hisquesio (J. at 45) Notaby the resodet preseted testoy o severa dviduals whocaied ha they kew Yogesh adya ad were aware that he soemes used the alas RajeshDave (Tr at 685, 8, 80, 83-93, 980, 04 29-32, 36-3, 3-5 -8 8-89)Moreover, he resode reseed adavs o hs ther ad vous eople who kew hely o establsh a his her aso used he aias Rajesh ave ad docues showg thatbo Yogesh adya ad Rajesh Dave receved ai at 6 oh arde Cour, Roe, eorga(Res ay 4, 200, retral Meoradu at Tab G Res. Ocober 3, 20, retialMeoradu at Tabs BC, E; esp. Oposiio o the Deae o Hoed Secritys(HSs) Motio to reet at ab B) I dg that o evidece was reseed themato Judge did o acowedge e preseatio o e regog tesoy ddocuets, or did she rerece the evidece rovded by he resode i explaig why t

    was isuce r he respode o carry his burde eslshig he s gradthered by heabor cericaio ed o Rajesh Daves beha

    As a resul, we cocude tha he Imgrao Judges decsio is ot supored by adeqateaalyss exlaig the reasos r her ultae deteriao ha he resode dd o cayhs burde o roo o demosate tha he s a gradthered ale. See Matter of -P 22 I&Nec 468 43 (BIA 999) (vestig the Iigratio udge wh he resposiblity r esurigthe substave coleteess o the deciso") Mer of MP 20 IN ec 86 (BIA 994).Accordigy, read o the record s ecess o aow he Iiatio Judge to ake ese

    1 e review dgs o ct icludig credbility dgs, r clear eor. See 8 CR

    003 (d)(3)() see also Mater of JYC 24 I&N ec. 260 (BI 200); Matter of SH23 &N ec. 462 (BA 2002) We revew quesos o law, dscreio, or judge, ad allother issues de novo ee 8 CR. 003 ( d)(3)(i).

    2 e resodet also preseted additoal evidece o aeal aimed a carryg hs burde oproo (Res. Bre a Tabs B). As a appeate body, we cao cosder ts evdece ee8 C.R 003(d)(3)(v); Matter of Fedorenk 9 & ec 5 (BA 984) However, gh o our dsposo o ths aer, alhough he respode has o exlaed how thisevidece s ew ad revously uavaable, e Igao Judge may cosider he documesd ay other evdece he paries wish o prese i he couse o readed roceedgs

    d v2

    "-mm_,H*:: VJr M3 ' Cite as: Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    A88 26 88

    ctua ndings. See 8 C.R 13.(d)(3)(i) (limiting ou ctnding autoity on appea totng adnstatie notice of cetain cent eets o the contents of ocia documents);Mae oSH ua

    Upon emand te Imigation Judge sal eauate te identiy eidence peseted by teespondent aimed at estabishing that Y oges andya d Rajes Dae ae the se peson.Should the Imiation Judge nd hat the espondent's the is Rajesh Dae te beneciy ofte abo ceication in questio she should then conside hethe te labo cetication asappoabe en ed and specicay hethe the petition as oniolous in ight of hebeneci's use of an aias See 8 C..R 245(a)(2) 1245.1(a)(3) (equiing that a abocetication be onioous in ode to quali andtheng) ee alo Mae o Bu26 I&N Dec 18 11 (IA 212) (explaining that a ioous abo cetication is one that isdeemed to be patenty ithout substance")

    Additoay he Immigation Judge sal conside ete te espondet is te beneciay

    of a appoed and/o pendig isa petition tough hich he coud utimately apply adjustment if he is in ct a gadtheed aien (S ief at 2 T. at 4 12 2326 3839 Resp.May 4 21 eal Memoadum at Tabs AC). 3 See section 245(i)()() of the Act(equing an alie to ae appoed isa petitio and an aaable pioiy date bee he mayadjust) ee Mae of Hahm 24 I&N Dec. 85 (IA 29) (outlining the cteia continuances sougt by espondents o ae te beneciaies of enng isa petitionappications) ee alo Feea v. Une Sae Aoney Geneal 714 .3d 124(11th Ci. 213) (equing the oad to apply the citea set h in Mae of Hahm uahen deteinig the popiety of a continuance equest sought a pending isa petition).Without such a petition te espodent i not utimatey be eigibe to adjust thout egad tos gandteing staus.

    Although the Immigation Judge did not make any al ndigs egading any pending oappoed petitions ed o the espondent's bealf the espodent indicated ough counsebelo that he ad mied dioced and emaied his United Sates citizen ife such that it isuncea ehe he is te beneciay of a visa petition ed by is o his bealf oingthe couple's second miage. See 8 C.R 25 (a)(3)(i)(D); 125.(a)(3)(i)(D) (poidingtat a petition led by a citize o beaf of e alien spouse is automaticaly eoked upon teega teination of the miage).

    4 We also note that on Jue 15, 2012, te Secretary of the OHS ounced that ceain youngpeope o e o a encement pioities i be eligibe defeed action. Theespondent may be eigibe ee action nd e encouage he pies upon emd toexploe s nd y alteatie dispositions tat may be aailable in tis cse as a esut.See genealy Mae of veyan 25 I&N Dec. 688 (IA 212). Also inoation egadingDS's Consideation of Deed Action Cildood Aias may be obtained on-ine( o by pone on te United States Citizensp d ImigationSeices otine at 183 755283 o Imiation and Customs Ecement otline at 1-888351424

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  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    A88 276 788

    sed on he egong we decne o ddess he bnce of he espondens ppeegumens egdng wheher he ques s ndfheed en bsed on the boceicon ed on behf of Resh Dve (Resp ef 1 - 9)

    Accodngy he owng odes sh be eneed

    ORER he respondens ppe s susned

    RTER OER: e ecord s remnded he poceedngs conssen wh hsdecson d r he en of new orde

    4Cite as: Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)





    File A0-2 Janary , 202

    In he Maer of






    CAGE ecion 22 (a) () (A) (i) in ha he reondeni an alien who i reen in he nied aewihou ein adied or aroled, who arrived inhe nied ae a any ie or lace oher hana deinaed y he Aorney Genera

    APPICATION Adjuen of au under 24 (i) of he Ac

    ON BEAF OF EPONENT AA BEGE000 Aernahy Road, uie 5Alana, Georia 02

    ON BEAF OF MAY EEAian Chief Counelearen Of oeland ecry0 rin ree, ouhwe, Third FloorAana, Georia 00


    Thi aer coe o he Cour on a Noice o Aear dae

    Noveer 0, 2009. A a Maer Calendar hearin daed March ,

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    200 he reonden adied all ix allegaion conained on

    he charging docuen and he charge under 22 (a) (6) (A) (i) wa

    in fac conceded. The Cour found ha he reonden wa

    reovale a charged Wrien leadng were endered o he

    Cour on ha ae dae and e reonden deignaed he

    counry of India a he counry of reoval n he even ha

    ha hould ecoe neceary.

    elevan o he roceedng a hand he Governen

    endered a oion o reeri he alicaion for aduen of

    au on July 2 20 . The reonden filedhe rely o he

    oon o reeri. The allegaon n h cae i aically

    ha he reonden i 24 (i) elgile in ha he i

    grandfahered o a laor cerifcaon alicaon ha wa ae

    allegedly on ehalf of hi faher which would grandfaher hin. There wa a queion ha aroe a o wheher he

    reonden would have o how hycal reence and ha i no

    he cae The Cour i afied ha here i a direcive

    ndcaing ha he derivaive enefciarie of eiioner who

    have alcaion ha were arovale when filed would no have

    o how hyical reence. n fac leve he regulaion i

    C . R. 24 (n) . Tha no eng an iue le u go ahead o

    he aeen of he law ha doe aly here.


    Aduen of au i availale o an alen who ha een

    ineced adied or aroled ino he ned ae i

    A026 2 January 3 22

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    elle o receve an mmran va ecaue he ha an arove

    va eon, ha an ran va mmeaely avalale o

    hm a he me he alcaon fle ecaue he

    eoner roy ae, f acale, curren an

    admle o he ne Sae fo ermanen eency See

    Secon 245 (a) of he Ac A aumen of au a

    creonay form of relef, he alen mu alo how he he

    mer a favoa exerce of creon See Mae of Pael,

    7 I&N ec 97 (BIA 90)

    In aon o ha, n h cular cae, NA Secon

    245 () ale Tha econ of law weh he requremen of

    necon, amon or arole an he 24 (c) ar uon amen

    of a $, 000 00 um f he alen he enefcary of a va

    eon or laor cerfcaon fle on or efore Arl 0,

    200 Tha alcaon mu e arovale when fle an

    heren le whehe he eonen acually quafe for

    245 (} elly We nee o look a he unerlyn laor

    cerfcaon alcaon an eemne wheher, n fac, wa

    aovale when fle

    eulaon a C F 245 (a) (3) ecfcally roveha n or fo lao cfcaon o allow for h

    ranfahern of hr he eon o he ervav

    enefcare, mu have een aovale when fle Tha

    , he eon or laor cerfcaon mu have een roerl

    fle, merorou n fac an nonfvolou Th

    A0-276-7 3 Januar , 202

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)


    deerinaion i ade aed on he circuance ha exied a

    he ie he eiion wa filed and no wheher here wa laer

    a deficienc ha aroe


    The reonden endered docuenaion o how ha a laor

    cerificaion wa, in fac, filed on ehalf of a eron naed

    aehi M ave There nohing in he record how ha

    he reonden faher i, in fac, hi one and e aeeon a ajehi ave In fac, in he alicaion and he

    docenaion ha wa ied, he reonden faher

    aear o e Yogehi Nagarda Pandya In all docuenaion,

    he reonden have referred o he faher a YNP Tere i

    nohing o how ha YNP and aehi M ave are one and e

    ae eron The reonden ha had he ooruni o ring

    forward eion and docuenaion on everal occaion Toe

    deadline o file docuenaion o how ha he reonden

    faher are one and he ae have een inored The Cour i

    ily no convinced ha Yogeh Nagarda Panda and aehi

    ave are he ae eron ecifically, hee were aeen

    fro he reonden counel ha clearl indicaed ha he

    reonden faher had fraudulenly oained a aor in he

    nae of ajeh ave he Cour ke hi very erioul and

    wa no ale o deerine eiher any e of eiony of he

    winee ha were rough forward wheher ajehi ave and

    Yogehi Nagarda Pandya are he one and he ae eron Tere

    A026 4 Januar 202

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)



    was simply no testimony that provided an foundation that would

    sho that they are on and the same person.

    Having said that, notithstanding the testimon that was

    providd, the Court has grav concerns about the identity of

    this person in that respondent's counsel admitted that he had

    obtaind the passport by fraudulent means It is anodys

    guess as to who this person is and whether, in fact, he is one

    and the same person Whether, in fact, he is the respondents

    father is the only issue beore th Court and the Court is not

    satisfied th?t the respondent has been able to establish that

    Rajeshi Dave is the same person as hs father and therefore,

    the application of laor certification cannot possibl be

    determined to be approvabl when fled As such, the respondent

    cannot then derive benefts rom an applcaton that was not

    approvable hen filed and 245 does not appl

    As the respondent has mad no other applications for

    relief, although the respondent as given the opportunity to

    request a voluntary departure, at this time he has made no other

    application for relief. The Court will then direct the

    respondents applications to e pretermitted All applications

    that ere not filed at this time are deemed to be abandoned and

    the respondent il directed to e removed to the country of

    Inda, the country hich he indicated to be the country of

    rmoval in the event that that should become necessar The

    respondent is affordd up to and including March 1, 2012, to

    A88-27688 January 31, 212

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)



    aea h decio Acualy oh are are he eve

    ha eher ary reeve


    MELIN CIItfoJauary -.



    Jaury 202

  • 7/30/2019 Nishad Yogesh Pandya, A088 276 788 (BIA Aug. 22, 2013)




    ere ertif at te aaed preedig ere JDGE

    MADELNE GACIA, i te atter f:




    is a arate verati trasript f te rerdig as prvided

    te Exetive Offie r igrati eview ad tat tis s

    te rigina trasript teref fr te fie f te Exetive

    Ofie fr igrati evie



    AP 202

    {Cpeti ate)