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Good afternoon!Geethika

All we need is



Our purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace. We work to create a better future every day, with brands and services that help people feel good, look good, and get more out of life.Vision Statement

1956 Three Companies merged to form HUL1898Sunlight soap introduced in India. Beginning of FMCG industry1956 Three Companies merged to form HUL2015The word Hindustan retained in the name after re-branding


HairA symbol of beauty and looking good.

Placed near the hand, it suggests softness.

Examples:- Sunsilk, Dove

HandA symbol of sensitivity, care and need.

Represents both skin and touch.


HeartSymbol of love, care and health.

Represents improving health and wellbeing.


LipsSymbol of communication, openness and transparency.

Represents beauty, looking good and taste.

Examples:- Lakme, Ponds, Fair & Lovely

Palm treeA nurtured resource, symbolizes respect for natural world, trees, forests, growth, environment.

Examples :- HULs tie-up with WWF for aforestation

SunRepresents innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas impact of our products across the lifestyle.

Unilevers origins in Port sunlight.

Examples :- Surf excel, OMO

Always a treat to have ! Represents fun, pleasure and enjoyment.Ice Cream

Example: Kwality Walls, Ben n Jerrys


Represents our passion for great flavours and taste.

It suggests blending in flavour and adding in taste.

Example : Knorr, Kissan.


Represents fresh food, sea and natures resources.Example : Pure It, Bru natural blend.


A symbol of nutrition, taste and cooking.

Represents our commitment to continually improve the taste and nutritional quality of all our food products, helping millions of people enjoy delicious food and achieve a healthier diet.

Example : Annapurna (farm fresh atta) and salt.


A bowl of great smelling food symbolising our commitment to great ingredients and healthy mealtimes.

Examples : Brooke bond(3 roses,red label,Taj mahal),Lipton green tea.


A symbol of freedom, empowerment and self-esteem.

It suggests a relief from daily chores and getting more out of life.

Examples : Surf Excel, Magic(water saver).

Represents Clean, Healthy and sparkling with energyRepresents Unilevers role as a catalyst for change, aiming to enhance the livelihoods of the people we work with.Spark

A continuous, virtuous circle that represents our work to reduce the waste associated with the disposal of our products.Commitment to sustainability.Virtuous Cycle

Magic: removes lather from water and saves 3 buckets of water in each wash21

A symbol of fresh laundry, looking good and feeling confident.Sunlight keeps colour looking as beautiful as you.Cif deals with toughest dirt without damaging surfaces.Clothes

Sunlight keeps color looking as beautiful as you22

Represents creation, pollination, hard work and bio-diversity.Represents the community spirit of our peopleour commitment to find innovative ways of working.Bee

Surf Excel has launched six films that give us a wonderful perspective on childhood.- launched 6 videos that gives different perspective of childhood.Avaiance- High performance beauty products for todays progressive women.23

A symbol of positive change or transformation.Commitment to find new sustainable ways of doing business.Transformation

A reference to science and our ongoing commitment to find new innovative ways to improve the lives of our consumers.Commitment to reduce our environmental footprint.WaterWorks: not-for-profit program that willprovide safeclean drinking water to communities in need around the world.Particles

Water is the source of life, but almost 800 million people don't have access to clean drinking water.25




Last presentation of sem 1done!