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Kabir Ke Pad -1 1. Sadho dhokha kaaso kahiye. Gun me nirgun, nirgun me gun, baaT chaaDi kyu bahiye. Ajar amar kathe sab koi, alakh na kathana jaai. Naati saroop varan nahi jaake, ghaTi-ghaTi rahyo samaai. PyanD brahmanD chaaDi je kathiye, kahe Kabir Hari soi. Ved kahe sargun ke aage, nirgun ka bisaraam. Sargun nirgun tajahu sohaagin, dekh sabahi nij dhaam. Dukh sukh wahan kachhu nahi vyaape, darasan aaTho jam. Noore Odhan, noore Daasan, noore ka sirahaan. Kahe Kabir suno bhaai saadho, Satguru noor tamaam. Whom shall I speak this deceiving stuff O Sadhus. It is the formless residing in various forms and virtues and forms and virtues in the formless, why then abandon the right path and go astray? Kabir here indicates the nature of duality and that everything came out of the One and that One is the meeting point of all-good and bad, Saint and Sinner, Form and Formless- nothing is spared by him, he is the sustainer of all. Till we think and divide things, we can’t see total reality.

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Kabir Ke Pad -1

1. Sadho dhokha kaaso kahiye. Gun me nirgun, nirgun me gun, baaT chaaDi kyu bahiye. Ajar amar kathe sab koi, alakh na kathana jaai. Naati saroop varan nahi jaake, ghaTi-ghaTi rahyo samaai. PyanD brahmanD chaaDi je kathiye, kahe Kabir Hari soi. Ved kahe sargun ke aage, nirgun ka bisaraam. Sargun nirgun tajahu sohaagin, dekh sabahi nij dhaam. Dukh sukh wahan kachhu nahi vyaape, darasan aaTho jam. Noore Odhan, noore Daasan, noore ka sirahaan. Kahe Kabir suno bhaai saadho, Satguru noor tamaam.

Whom shall I speak this deceiving stuff O Sadhus. It is the formless residing in various forms and virtues and forms and virtues in the formless, why then abandon the right path and go astray? Kabir here indicates the nature of duality and that everything came out of the One and that One is the meeting point of all-good and bad, Saint and Sinner, Form and Formless- nothing is spared by him, he is the sustainer of all. Till we think and divide things, we can’t see total reality.

Kabir says – they all say he is the immortal and indestructible, but how can the unfathomable be described in words? He doesn’t have any form or color yet he is penetrating in all things, all beings. When you see and speak beyond the PinD(Individual Being) and

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BrahmanD(universal Being), then only his true being can be perceived. Vedas and Holy Scriptures say that beyond the Forms is the region of Formless, but Kabir says unto you – O dear bride of the Lord, abandon the thoughts of Form or Formless and recognize your true place. At that place neither pain nor misery resides nor any happiness and pleasure. There you see the divine 24 hours all the time. There you wear the light, you sleep on light and the light is your pillow. It is all light, light of your true Master.(at the end, it is shown to the disciple that GOD and Guru are but one and it is all his playfulness – Light and Sound at the root).

2. Avadhu aisa gyaan vichaar. Bhere chaDe su adhadhar Doobe, niraadhaar bhaye paar. UpaT chale su nagari pahoote, baaT chale se looTe. Ek jebaDi sab lapaTaane, ke baandhe, ke chooTe. Mandir paisi chahu disi bheeje, baahari rahe te sookha. Sari mare te sadaa sukhaare, anmaare te dookha. Bin nainan ke sab jag dekhe, lochan achhate andhaa. Kahe Kabir kachu samujhi pari hai, yah jag dekhya andha.

Kabir says - O Avadhu, think of this understanding. Those who took a boat were drawn (in this journey) and those who went ahead without any support have crossed the ocean. Those who abandoned the royal path have reached their own city and those who started their journey on the highway, are robbed in midway.

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This is the same chain by which all are tied up, whom can I say free and who would be called chained? Those who entered in the temple are drenched from all sides and those who stood outside are dry and thirsty. Those who have killed the mind are always at peace. But those who are not able to kill it, are always unhappy and suffering. Without eyes (these eyes) you see everything and you may be blind even when you are having these eyes. Kabir says – I am so surprised to see that whole the world is blind (without inner eyes, without the light of GOD).

In the above pad which is addressed to Avadhu, Kabir keeps a puzzle. Ordinarily a boat only can take you to the other shore and on the highway you are safe. But in the illusionary world of Maya it is opposite. Till you try to secure yourself by supports you can’t cross. You have to abandon all supports so the existence can show you the way and you can learn to swim. Support is provided but by the Lord. Our own supports are not going to help. So first thing is to surrender helplessly, without any support. The royal road is the road which is taken up by all people, so it is a mass mentality road. But in spiritual quest everyone has to walk his own path and this is abandoning the royal path and going to unknown ways. By transcending unknown one reaches his own true home. It is the same chain of own mind which makes everyone think that their way is the right one and they are all tied up. Those who have entered in the temple of their own being are drenched by his grace showering all over. But those who stand outside remain dry and thirsty. The mind is real trouble who doubts everything. Only when mind comes under control we can be happy. Those who have opened their

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inner vision are able to see without eyes and there are people who have eyes still they are blind. Kabir asks the Avadhu –“Did you understand? This whole world seems blind to me".

3. Dagmag chhaDi de man baura. Ab to jare mare bani aawe, leenho haath sinhora. Hoi nisank magan hwe naacho, lohb moh bhram chaaDo. Sooro kaha maran te Darape, satee na sanche bhaaDo. Lok ved kul ki marajaada, ihe gale me phaansi. Aadha chali kar paachha phiriho, hoi hain jag me haansi. Kah samsaar sakal hai mailaa, Ram kahe te soocha. Kahe Kabir naav nahi chaaDo, girat parat chaDi unchaa.

O my mad mind, now stop wavering. Now it is high time to burn and die, now I have taken the SINHORA* in my hand.**

*(small pot in which Indian married woman keeps sindoor- a symbol of her love and dedication towards her husband) **(refers to the time when a woman gets ready to die with her husband after his death to accompany him in higher life).

Kabir indicates his dedication and commitment towards his Beloved and that mind must die before he could proceed further in his inner journey). Kabir says- now there is nothing to fear, all fears and worries are coming to an end with you, now is the time to

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celebrate. Sing and dance madly. Drop the habit of greed, attachment and illusions. A warrior never hesitates in sacrificing his head and a Sati would never decorate the body (to please anyone else). Both are ready to live and die for their Lord only. People always laugh at them who walk on spiritual path. Sometimes the society norms and family restrictions are so high that they have to cross over it. Kabir says that if you keep thinking of prestige, society and family name and fame, they will become chains around your neck. Drop all of them. If you walk half way and return, people will make more fun of you, it is a real shame. I say to you, this world is a big place of filth and dirt, only those are pure who meditate upon Ram. Kabir says don’t leave the boat of Name; you will sure reach to the true place anyhow anyway.

4. Chalan chalan sab koi kahat hai. Na jaane baikunTh kahan hai. Jojan ek pramiti nahi jaane. Baatan hi baikunTh bakhaane. Jab lagi hai baikunTh ki aasa. Tab lagi nahi Hari charan nivaasa. Kahe sune kaise patiaiye. Jab lag tahan aap nahi jaiye. Kahe Kabir yahu kahiye kaahi. Sadhu sangat baikunTh yahan hi.

Everyone speaks to travel (to the heavens) but who could tell us where this heaven is? Those people who don’t even know to measure YOJAN(a measurement unit for distance) here on the earth they also speak and describe about how far and how beautifully designed the heaven is!! Kabir says – I say to you my friends, till

Page 6: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

you hope for the heaven, you will not find place at the Lord’s lotus feet. How could you believe by speaking and hearing how it is till you don’t reach there by yourself? Kabir says whom should I tell this (who will believe me) that the heaven is right here right now in the company of true saints.

5. Re yaame kyat tera kya mera. Laaj na marahi kahat ghar mera. Chaari pahar nishi bhoraa, jaise taravar pankh basera. Jaise baniye haaT pasaara, sab jag kaaso sirajanhaara. Ye le jaare, ve le gaaDe, in dukhini dou ghar chhaDe. Kahat Kabir sunahu re Loi. Ham tum binasi rahega soi.

What is there in saying mine and yours? Don’t you feel ashamed when you say that this house is mine? This stay (in this world) is just like the birds taking shelter on a tree in night hours and flying away when the dawn arrives. Like a trader spreads all his trading goods in the daytime and in evening he winds up all of them, similarly the Creator has spread out this vast creation of universe(s) which he will wind up in night. When we die, some are burnt and some are buried. In this way they all leave this house (temporary). Kabir says – O Loi, listen to me. I and you all will die. Whatever will remain after that that is the real thing.

6. Man tu paar utari kah jaiho. Aage panthi panth na koi, kooch-mukaam na paiho.

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Nahi tanh neer, naav nahi khevaT, na gun khenchanhaara. Dharati-gagan-kalp kachhu naahi, na kachhu vaar na paara. Nahi tan nahi man, nahi apanapau, sunn me suddh na paiho. Baliwaan hoy paiTho ghaT me, waahi Thaure paiho. Barahi baar vichaar dekh man, ant kahu mat jaiho. Kahe Kabir sab chhaDi kalpana, jyo-ke-tyo Thaharaiho.

O my wandering mind, what do you plan? Where will you go to the other shore? There neither is the path not the traveler; you will not find even a narrow path or destination. There neither is water nor any boat or boatman. There is no rope to pull the boat either. There neither earth nor sky or time remains. There is no limit or unlimited. There neither body or mind exists nor is self existent. You will not find anything (suddh – remembrance, memory) in that great void. You just be courageous and sit within your very own being you will find the real place there itself. You think it over again and again but at last you are not going to go anywhere. Kabir says – stop all kind of imaginations. Just stop where ever and in which condition you are. The way lies there.

7. Jyu man mera tujh so, yo je tera hoi.Tata loha yo mile, sandhi na lakhai koi.Kabit jako khojate, paayo soi thaur.Soi phiri ke tu bhaya jaako kahata aur.Maare bahut pukaariya, peer pukaare aur.

Page 8: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Lagi choT maramm ki, rahyo Kabira thaur.

Kabir as a Guru says – Like my mind is overflowing with love for you, only if your mind also could become like this. At that moment both would get sealed like two hot irons join together. Not even a join can be seen, both have become one. Kabir says what I was seeking for, I got that place. The thing you considered the other (the Lord, Ram, Guru) has become you. So many people cry out in pain and suffering, but a true PEER (Saint) cries out in a different way. He cries out of his love and not of pain and suffering. The love has struck in his very core of the heart and Kabir has found the real place.

8. Saai se lagan kaThin hai bhaai. Jaise papiha pyasa boond ka, piya-piya raT laai. Pyaase pran taDape din-raati, aur neer na bhaai. Jaisa miraga shabd-sanehi, shabd sunan ko jaai. Shabd sune aur prandaan de, taniko naahi Daraai. Jaise satee chaDi sat upar, piya ki raah man bhaai. Paawak dekhi Dare wah naahi, hansi baithi sada maai. ChoDo tan apane ki aasa, nirbhay hwe gun gaai. Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, nahi ta janm nasaai.

The love and devotion to the Lord is the most difficult thing o brother. It is similar to the rain bird who keeps calling PIU-PIU for rain water. Its life is at stake crying out in thirst but it doesn’t drink water from the other sources. Like the deer who loves the music played by the hunter runs towards the source of the music. It

Page 9: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

listens to the music so attentively that it doesn’t see the trap and without any fear, it gives it s life for the music. Like a dedicated wife loves to go with her husband even in the final journey and she sits on the pyre with her dead husband. She doesn’t fear a bit by seeing fire around her but laughs and goes joyously. In similar way if you don’t fear for your body and sing his praises fearlessly then only you are doing true devotion to the Lord. Otherwise think this life as a waste.

9. Loka jaani na bhoolau bhaai. Khaalik khalak, khalak me khaalik,sab ghaT rahyo samaai. Alah eke noor upajaaya, taaki kaisi ninda. Ta noore te sab jag keeya, kaun bhala, kaun manda. Ta alah ki gati nahi jaani, Guru guD deewa meeTha. Kahe Kabir main poora paaya, sab ghaT sahib deeTha.

Don’t be deceived my brothers by seeing this world as it seems. The creator is in the creation and the creation is in the creator. He himself is residing in every form. The Lord has made all of them by the same light, how can we criticize them after all? All is born out of the same light, who is good and who is bad then? No one knows the real play of the Lord. My Guru gave me the sweet secret of the Lord. Now I say with true knowledge that I have found the WHOLE and not part or pieces. I see my Lord in each and everything.

10. Man laago mero yaar faqiri me.

Page 10: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Jo sukh paayo naam bhajan me, so sukh naahi ameeri me. Bhala-bura sabki sun leeje, kar gujaraan ameeri me. Prem-nagar me rahani hamaari, bhali bani aai saboori me. Haath me koori, bagal me sonTa, charo disi jageeri me. Aakhir yah tan khaq milega, kaha phirat magaroori me. Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, sahib mile saboori me.

My mind and heart enjoys in simple way of living. I have found such a great joy in Nam –bhajan that could not be found in worldly riches. I have experienced it and I say to you- listen to all whatever good or bad they speak to you. Don’t react on them. Don’t be proud on hearing any good about you, don’t feel hurt or react if someone criticizes you. Live in your own richness. I live in the land of love and my contentment has taught me great lessons. When I take a bowl and a stick ( as a faqir), I see all four directions are my own property. At last this body will turn to dust, why you wander being so much arrogant? Kabir says O Sadhus, listen to me. The Lord is found in contentment.

11. Samajh dekh man meet piyarava, aashiq hokar sona kya re. Paaya ho to de le pyaare, pay-paay phir khona kya re. Jab ankhiyan me need ghaneri, takiya aur bichhauna kya re.

Page 11: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Kahe Kabir prem ka maarag, sir dena to rona kya re. Satee ko kaun sikhaawata hai, sang swami ke tan jaarana ji. Prem ko kaun sikhaawata hai, tyag maanhi bhog ka paawana ji.

O my dear friends, think and see this in your mind clearly. When you have become lover, how can you sleep? A lover is always thinking of his beloved, the sleep runs away from him. I you have got something share and distribute it. If you don’t share it, you will lose it soon (the base teaching of spiritual practice is that GOD shares each and everything with us without any expectations or conditions and if we want to be like him, this virtue is a must. Share whatever you have and you will have it doubled. If you want to hide and keep it for yourself only, soon it will start stagnating and you will lose it). When your eyes are filled with sleep do you really need a soft bed and pillow? You fall in sleep wherever you are. Same way if your heart is filled with divine, you need not to seek what to do and where to sit(for prayer and meditation), you will fall in divine where ever you are, such is the case. Kabir says the way to Lord is the path of love. When you have offered your head to the beloved, then why you are crying (for the pain and suffering)? This is the path of love and these things come automatically. No one teaches a dedicated wife to burn with her dead husband but her own love-filled heart. No one teaches you to find joy in sacrifice when you are in love. Love itself is the teacher who shows that the more you sacrifice for the love, the more you enjoy it for the sake of love only.

Page 12: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

12. Jhagara ek niberahu Raam. Jau tum apane jan so kaam. Ihu man baDa ki sau man maaniya. Raamu baDa ki Ramahu jaaniya. Brahma baDa ki jaasu upaaiya. Vedu baDa ki jahan te aaiya. Kahu Kabir hau bhaya udaasu. Teerath baDa ki Hari ka daasu.

Kabir has got a big doubt. Whom he would call for advice? He calls his Ram, the Lord, the Guru, the all in all and the one. In heart touching yet so simple words he keeps his doubt in front of Ram. He says O Ram, you are my own and I come to you only for any question any doubt or any demand. Please make a solution of this fight. He puts below questions in front of Ram and the beauty of the questions is that they are not questions at all, they are answers. In such a simple and intimate way Kabir asks these questions as if two friends chatting over coffee. This is the beauty of this pad. They are being asked only to satisfy the mind and query of seekers-

You please tell me whether this mind is greater or the one who has witnessed this mind? You please tell me whether Ram is greater or the one who has known Him? Is Brahma greater or the one from which Brahma has come? Are these Vedas greater or the place form where they came?

Page 13: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Kabir says- I am very desperate. You please just solve this problem. Those spiritual places are greater where these people are going or the servant of the Lord?

13. Jam te ulaTi bhaye hain Raam. Dukh binase sukh kiyo bisaraam. Bairee ulaTi bhaye hain meeta. Saatak ulaTi sujan bhaye cheeta. Ab mohi sarab kushal kari jaaniya. Saanti bhai jab Gobind jaaniya. Tan mahi hoti koTi upaadhi. UlaTi bhai sukh sahaj samaadhi. Aaapu pachhane aape aap. Rogu na byaape teeno taap. Ab man ulaTi sanatan hua. Tab jaaniya jab jeevat mua. Kahu Kabir sukh sahaj samaavau. Aapi na Darau na avar Daraavau.

The death has transformed into Ram. The pain and misery have become the blissfulness. Those who seemed enemy to me, now they have become my dear friends. The SHAKT(A Spiritual practitioner who adopts fearful ways of devotion like meditating in graveyard, applying ashes of pyre and using human skull as bowl) now appear to me the cool nice people ( in some pads, Kabir has shown distaste for SAHKT and their methods of practices). Now everything appears to me peaceful and good. True peace descended upon me when I knew the Lord by myself. Earlier all those diseases appeared in my body as suffering, now they have turned to deep joyful absorption in meditation. I have come to know my real self. Now no disease of physical suffering comes to me. Now the restless mind has transformed to

Page 14: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

eternity. I knew it when I died while living. Kabir says – now I am naturally merged in joy and peace. Now I don’t fear anything and I don’t cause fear to anyone.

14. Dulhin gaavahu mangalchaar. Ham ghar aaye raja Ram bhartaar. Tan rati kar main man rati karihaun,, panchon tatva baarati. Ramdev more paahun aaye, main joban me maati. Sarir sarovar vedi karihaun, Brahma ved uchaar. Ramdev sang bhanvar laihon, dhan-dhan bhaag hamaar. Sur taiteeso kautig aaye, munivar sahas aThaasi. Kahe Kabir ham byaahi chale hain, purus ek abinaashi.

O blessed and blissful brides, sing the songs of my divine wedding. Today my groom, the King Ram has come to my house. I will love through my body and my mind*; I will sacrifice them unto my groom. These five elements have become my wedding party. King Ram is my guest today; I am over bursting in my new youthfulness. I offer everything to him; today King Ram is my guest. I will make the Vedi(small square creation on which holy fire is lit and the couple make wedding vows and take seven rounds of it to commit their vows) of my body and Brahma shall utter the sacred words of Vedas (vows). Today I am taking vows and BHANWAR (walking around the holy fire to commit the vows) with King Ram what a great luck and fortune I have!! Thirty three crores of deities and eighty eight sages** have come to witness this great event and celebrate (the joy

Page 15: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

with Kabir)!! Kabir says today immortal one has wedded me and taken me to his place.

* Kabir refers to body and mind but not the soul as it is said that when the meeting happens at the soul level, there is no two but one, so the sacrifice can happen up to the level only where duality exists. ** Where ever any great spiritual event happens, those beings that are conscious enough to smell it are automatically pulled towards it and it is a real celebration for them to see one soul being united to ultimate reality.

15. Na main dharmi nahi adharmi na main jati na kami ho.Na main kahata na main sunata na main sevak swami ho.Na main bandha na main mukta na nirbandh sarvangi ho.Na kaahu se nyara hoya na kaahu ka sangi ho.Na hum narak lok ko jate na hum sarag sidhare ho.Sab hi karam hamara keeya hum karman te nyare ho.Ya mat ko koi birla bujhe so satguru ho baithe ho.Mat kabir kahu ko thape mat kahu ko mete ho.

Neither I am religious or virtuous nor non-religious or commit sins. I am neither renunciate nor I am lustful. I don’t speak, I don’t hear. I am neither servant not I am a master. I am not bound nor I am free I am not even boundless infinite. Neither am I in enmity with anyone not I am friends with. I don’t go to hell or heaven.

Page 16: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Everything is done by me still I am beyond actions or reactions. Rare are those who can understand this mystery, they are the true Satgurus. Kabir says I don’t project or destroy anything. I am beyond all.

Note*** - When reading to Kabir’s pads, we come to terms like Jogi,Avadhu Sadhu, Santo, Bhaai, Pundit and Mulla. These all have different meanings and refer to the level of Kabir’s speaking. When Kabir says Jogi or avadhu, he means those people who are wasting their time in those spiritual practices which are not going to be fruitful. So with them Kabir speaks jokingly and sometimes in a puzzling manner. When a Sadhu is referred, it means someone who is high in practices and Kabir speaks with a mutual understanding and respect. With Santo Kabir has very high level of respect. When Kabir says bhaai, he speaks to normal seekers. Pundit and Mulla are all those people who are trapped in rituals and under the burden of written knowledge but don’t know anything about real spirituality. Kabir is very much sarcastic to them. Sometimes he refers to Loi, his wife who is also a normal seeker whom Kabir tries hard to explain higher truths.

Kabir ke Pad-2

1.Ab ham jana ho, Hari baaji ko khel.

Dank bajaay, dekhaay tamaasha, bahuri so let sakel.

Page 17: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Hari baaji, sur nar muni jahanDe, maaya cheTak laaya.

Ghar me Daari sabani bharamaaya, hridaye gyaan na laaya.

Baaji jhooTh, baajigar saancha, sadhun ki mati aisee.

Kah Kabir jin jaisi samajhi, taaki gati bhayi taisee.

Now I have come to know the whole game of GOD. Beating drum, he shows his magic play and then he ends the show – again and again. Such is his magic show that even deities, humans and grate sages fall into this illusion. He does it with the help of his power called MAYA. He puts all of them into the body, a house of clay and deludes them; no one can realize the truth behind all this game show. This whole magic show is false, fake one. Only truth is the magician who shows his magic, such is the understanding of Sadhus and Saints. Kabir says – a person achieves a state according to his understanding of this magic show and not more than that he can comprehend.

2.Jahiyaa hot pawan nahi paanee, tahiyaa shrishTi kaun utpaani.

Tahiyaa hot kali nahi phoola, tahiyaa hot garbh nahi moolaa.

Tahiyaa hot pinD nahi baasu, Na dhar dharani, na gagan akaasu.

Tahiyaa hot Guru nahi chelaa, gamya agamya na panth duhelaa.

Avigat ki gati kya kahaun, jaake gaaun na Thaun.

Page 18: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Guno viheena pekhanaa, ka kahi leeje naaun.

Kabir asks a simple question – Tell me, when there was no air or water, who caused this whole creation to come into place? At that time there were no buds or flowers, neither conception nor the root of anything. At that time there was no owning of the body, neither there was earth nor ground, neither space nor sky. At that time there was neither any Master nor any disciple, neither knowable or unknowable. That was the state of the One about whom I want to talk to but what can I say on this? He is unknowable, indescribable; he has no name or place. He is beyond virtues and attributes, what can I say to praise him?

3.Moko kahan DhunDhe re bande, main to tere paas me.

Na main bakari, na main bheDi, na main chhuri gaDas me.

Nahi khal me, nahi ponchh me, na haDDi na maans me.

Na mein deval, na mein masajid, na kaabe kailaash me.

Na mein kiriya karam me rahata, nahi jog sanyaas me.

Khoji hoy turat mili jaaun, ek pal ki talaash me.

Main to raho shahar ke baahar, meri puri mawaas me.

Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, sab sanso ki saans me.

Where do you search me, O seeker? I am with you all the time. I am neither in goat nor in sheep (the animals whom People sacrifice on the name of religion) neither I am in the knife or sword with which you perform these

Page 19: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

sacrifices. I am not in the skin, in the tail, in bones or meat (of the sacrificed animals). I am neither in the temple nor in the masque. I am not in the KAILASH (holy mountain hill) or Kaba(holy place). I am not in the actions of this world or in the yoga and renunciation. If a seeker is true in his heart, I am found in one moment’s search. I am outside of the city (the marketplace, the lower body in the spiritual sense), I live in the fort (the head above the eyes in the spiritual sense). Kabir says – GOD is within the breath of all breathes.

4.Maaya maha Thaginee ham jaani.

Tirgun phans liye kar Dole, bole madhuree baani.

Keshav ke kamalaa hwe baiThi, shiv ke bhavan bhavaani.

PanDa ke moorat hwe baiThi, teerath me bhai paanee.

Yogi ke yogini hwe baiThi, raja ke ghar raanee.

Kaahu ke heera hwe baiThi, kaahu ke kauDi kaani.

Bhaktan ke bhaktini hwe biaThi, brahmaa ke brahmaani.

Kahe Kabir suno ho santo, yah sab akath kahaanee.

MAYA or illusionary vision is the greatest deceiver I have come to know. She speaks so sweet (that everyone is deceived) and she has trap in her hand made of three gunas (SAT,RAJ,TAM – It is said that even SAT is the bondage and a seeker has to go beyond three gunas to know the truth). To know the real nature of the MAYA look at different places, she has not spared

Page 20: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

anyone. She becomes Goddess Luxmi with Lord Vishnu and she comes in form of Goddess Parvati with Shiva. With priests she becomes the idols in the temple, with which they are bound. In holy places she becomes the holy water and cheats the devotees (to show off as real holy thing). With a yogi, she takes the form of woman hermit and thus keeps him entangled. She entangles rich people by being diamonds and gems and with poor she becomes the coin which they treat like great treasure. With Kings she is a queen. To deceive the devotees, she becomes woman devotee and to the creator of the universe, the Brahma, she becomes his wife Brahmaani. Kabir says- what to say about this deceiving MAYA, this all is unspeakable.

5.Ya maaya raghunaath ki cheree, khelan chali aheraa ho.

Chatur chikaniya chuni chuni mare, kahu na raakhe neraa ho.

Mauni peer digambar mare, dhyaan dharante jogi ho.

Jangle me ke jangam mare, maya kinahu na bhogi ho.

Ved paDhanta paande mare, pooja karate swaami ho.

Arth vichaarat pundit mare, bandhyo sakal lagaami ho.

Shringi rishi ban bheetar mare, sir brahmaa ke phori ho.

Naath machhandar chale peeTh de, sinhalhu me bori ho.

Saakat ke ghar karta-dharta , Hari-bhaktan ki cheri ho.

Page 21: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Kahe Kabir suno ho santo, jyo aawe tyo pheri ho.

This MAYA is the maid of GOD; it goes on hunting like plaything. Those who think and act smart and clever, it beats them at an instant, it never spares anyone. It beats those who take a vow to keep silence, and those who are advanced on spiritual path. It beats Sadhus who live naked; it beats yogis, who practice Yoga. It beats them who practice in Jungle. No one can really enjoy MAYA, but is defeated by it. It beats them who are scholars and recite Vedas, it beats priests who worship GOD. It beats pundits who think they are knowledgeable and who predict other’s future. It binds all of them. Sage Shringi* was beaten in jungle, Brhama* was defeated by it and yogi Matsyendranath* who was trying to hide from it, was beaten in the Lanka (Sinhaldweep). It is all in all in the houses of SHAKTAs, but it becomes slave in the house of GOD’s devotees. Kabir says – “O Sadhu, don’t entertain it. Return it as and when it tries to come to you.”

(Stories of their defeat are written in scriptures)

6.Santo yah man hai baD Jaalim.

Jaaso man ko kaam paro hai, tisahi hwe hai maloom.

Man kaaran ki inki chhaya, tehi chhaya me aTake.

Nirgun sargun man ki baaji, khare sayaane bhaTake.

Manhi chaudah lok banaaya, Paanch tatva gun keenhe.

Teen lok jeevan bas keenhe, pare na kaahu cheenhe.

Jo kou kah ham man ko maara, jaake roop na rekha.

Page 22: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Chhin-chhin me kitne rang laawe, je sapanehu nahi dekha.

Rasaatal bakais brahmanDaa, sabpar adal chalaawe.

ShaTras me bhoga man raja, so kaise ek paawe.

Sabke upar naam nirachchhar, tanh le man ko raakhe.

Tab man ki gati jaani pare, yah Sant Kabir mukh bhakhe.

Kabir says - O Saints, this mind is very harsh, it becomes of those who serve any good to it. This mind has its own interests, in which humans get trapped. Even in the matter of religion, mind has its own understanding and it gets us trapped in the description of GOD with form and attributes or without form or attributes (Nirgun and Sagun), these all descriptions are of mind and even smart people get deceived by it. This is mind that creates fourteen worlds, five elements and three gunas. It enslaves all living beings in the three universes, no one can know beyond of the three universes. If someone says that he has killed the mind (impossible) which has no form or outlines he must understand that this mind changes from moment to moment and takes infinite colors even one can’t imagine in dreams. It is king of all three universes, everyone is under his order. It enjoys all six kinds of tastes and acts like king, how can someone with such a mind know GOD? Wordless Naam or Shabad is beyond all of them, keep your mind in that then only you will know the true nature of mind, such is Kabir’s saying.

7.PunDit, sodhi kahahu samajhaai, Jaate aavagaman nasaai.

Page 23: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Arth, dharm aru kaam, moksh fal, kaun disha bas bhaai.

Uttar, dakkhin, poorab pachchhim, sarag pataalahi maahe.

Bin gopaal, Thaur nahi katahu, narak jaat dhau kaahe.

Anjaane ko narak sarag hai, Hari jaane ko naahi.

Jehi Dar ko sab log Darat hain, so Dar hamare naahi.

Paap pun ko sankaa naahi, narak sarag nahi jaahee.

Kahe Kabir suno ho santo, Janh pad, tanha samaahee.

Kabir says - O Pundit, consult your scriptures, do all calculations of your future telling and tell me the way by which I can end the cycle of birth and death. You say that by worshipping GOD we can get the wealth, Dharma, sexual fulfillment, and liberation, so tell me in which direction all these can be found? Is it in north, in south, in east or in west? Is it in heavens or in hells? I say to you – without GOD’s name, there is no place of our refuge, why do you run to hells (these means will lead you to nowhere)? These all hells and heaven are talked about to fool the ignorant ones. Whoever knows GOD by experience, these all vanish for him. People fear about these things (they worship out of fear of hell), but I have no fear at all. I have no doubt about any sin or virtue; there are no hells or heavens for me. Kabir says – O Saints, listen to me, I will go and merge in GOD’s lotus feet.

8.Bhaai, koi satguru sant kahaawe, nainan alakh lakhaawe.

Dolat Dige, na bolat bisare, jab updesh driDhawe.

Page 24: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Pran pujya, kiriya te nyara, sahaj samaadhi sikhaawe.

Dwaar na rundhe, pawan na roke, nahi anahad arujhaawe.

Yah man jaay jaha lag, jabahi, parmaatam darasaawe.

Karam kare, nihkaram rahe jo, aisi jugut lakhaawe.

Satt vilaas, traas nahi man me, bhog me jog jagaawe.

Dharati tyaagi, akasahu tyaage, adhar madaiyaa chhawe.

Sunn sikhar ke saar sila par, aasan achal jamaawe.

Bhitar raha so baahar dekhe, dooja drishTi na aawe.

Kahat Kabir basa hai hansaa, aavagaman miTaawe.

Kabir says - O brother, rare is the Saint Satguru who shows me unknowable. He has given me such a firm knowledge that no one can shake it. It can’t be forgotten, neither can it be shaken off, such strong knowledge he has given to me. He had shown me something dearer than my own life, beyond any actions, he has taught me to do effortless meditation. Now I don’t stop my sense organs, I don’t control my breaths, neither I get entangled in anahad sound(unstuck melody). Now wherever and whenever the mind goes, it sees the supreme only. He has taught me such a method that even while I perform the action, I am beyond the actions. Now I abide in Truth, having no pain in the mind. Now even in pleasures of this world I am in constant union with my beloved. I have abandoned the earth and the sky both and have made my hut in between. On the rock of the great void, I sit

Page 25: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

and do the effortless meditation. Now what is within is also without, what is inside is also outside, now there is no other at all. Kabir says – the pure soul has taken such a place that the cycle of birth and death has come to an end.

9. Saadho so satguru mohi bhaawe.

Satt naam ka bhar-bhar pyaala, aap piwe mohi pyaawe.

Mele jaay na mahant kahaawe, pooja bhenT na laawe.

Parada doori kare aankhin ka, nij darasan dikhalaawe.

Jaake darasan sahib darasen, anahad shabad sunaawe.

Maaya ke sukh dukh kari jaane, sang na supan chalaawe.

Nisi-din sat sangati me raache, shabad me surat samaawe.

Kahe Kabir tako bhay naahi, nirabhay pad darashaawe.

Kabir says – O Sadhu, I love my Satguru who drinks the nectar of True Name or satnaam and offers me the same drink. He doesn’t go to show off in fairs and marketplace, he doesn’t claim to be great Saint (Guru). He doesn’t accept any gift or offering from anyone. He lifts veil of ignorance from our eyes and shows his own true face. He is such a great Saint even GOD wishes to have his darshan. He makes us listen to unstuck celestial melody. He considers worldly pleasure as a matter of pain and sorrow and never wishes for it even in dreams. He is absorbed in the company of Truth or satnaam day and night, his attention is always merged in the celestial melody. He himself has become fearless

Page 26: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

and takes us to the state of fearlessness. Kabir praises and loves such a Satguru.

10. Paanee bich meen piyaasi, mohi suni-suni aawat haansi.

Aatam gyan binaa sab soona, kya Mathura kya Kaasi.

Ghar me paDi vastu nahi soojhe, baahar khojat jaasee.

Mrig ka naabhi maanhi kasturi, ban-ban khojat jaasee.

Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, sahaj mile avinaasi.

People say that the fish is thirsty in the water; Kabir can’t help laughing hearing it (It is said that the world is within GOD and GOD is within the world, still people can’t feel his presence and cry for the Lord, the same is true for Love). Kabir says – If you have not experienced the knowledge of your own true self, nothing can help you even if you go to holy places like Mathura (Place of Krishna) or Kashi (place of Shiva), these all will remain deserted place for the person devoid of the self-knowledge. The true knowledge is within us but we don’t seek it there and go outside, how can it be found? Kabir says the true thing is in your own house but you go on searching outside. It is like a deer has the musk in its own navel but the deer goes on running to search it in grasses. Kabir says – GOD will be found with the effortless meditation, in natural ways.

11.Chanda jhalake yehi ghaT maanhi, andhee aankhin soojhe naahi.

Yehi ghaT chandaa, yehi ghaT soor, yehi ghaT gaaje anahad toor.

Page 27: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Yehi ghaT baaje tabal nisaan, bahira shabad sune nahi kaan.

Jab lag meir meri kare, tab lag kaaj na eko sare.

Jab meri mamataa mari jay, tab prabhu kaaj sawaare aay.

Jab lagi sinh rahe ban maanhi, tab lagi wah ban phoole naahi.

UlaTa syaar sinh ko khaay, ukaTha ban phoole hariyaay.

Gyaan ke karan karam kamaay, hoy gyaan sab karam nasaay.

Phal kaaran phoole banraay, phal laage par phool sukhaay.

Mrig paas kasturi baas, aap na khoje, khoje ghaas.

Paare pinD meen le khaai, kahe Kabir log bauraai.

The moon shines within this body, but (spiritually) blind people can’t see it. The sun, the moon and the unstuck melody – all are within this body. The drum beating sound is also within this body, but (Spiritually) deaf people can’t hear it. Till we are thinking in terms of mine and yours, our work is not done. When the attachment of me and mine dies, then GOD comes ahead and completes all our tasks himself. Till the lion lives in the jungle, the jungle doesn’t flourish. When the jackal eats the lion, then the deserted jungle flourishes.(here Kabir refers lion as mind, the jungle as our self and jackal as our soul). Knowingly or unknowingly we perform all our actions to find the true knowledge, and

Page 28: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

when we find true knowledge, the action and its consequences are destroyed. It is similar to a flower which comes on a tree to bear a fruit, but when a fruit appears, the flower then withers away. The deer has musk in its own navel; still it searched there not and goes on running through grasses. People offer PIND (a round shaped thing made of rice flour) to their departed ones, but fishes eat them (It is post-death ritual that people offer PIND to the deceased at the side of river or pond and then throw it in the water). Kabir says people are mad in doing such things; (they never look for the real thing at the right place).

12.Sadho sahaje kaaya sodho.

Karata aap, aap me karata, lakh man ko parbodho.

Jaise baT ka beej, taahi me patra, phool, phal chhaaya,

Kaaya madhye boond biraaje, boonde madhye kaaya.

Agni pawan, panee, pirathi nabh, ta bin mela naahi.

Kaaji Pundit karo nibera, kaake maanhi na saai.

Saanche naam agam ki aasa, hai waahi me saachaa.

Karata beej liye hai khete, trigun teen ,tat paancha.

Jal bhari kumbh, jale bich dhariyaa, bahar bhitar soi.

Unko naam kahan ko naahi. Dooja dhokha hoi.

KaThin panth satguru ko milata, khojat-khojat paaya.

Ek lag khoj miTi jab dubidha, na kahu gaya na aaya.

Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, satt shabad nij saara.

Page 29: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Aapa madhe aape bole, aape sirajanhaaraa.

Kabir says – O Sadhu, purify your body in natural ways. The creator is within you and you are within the creator, know it as such and convince your mind. It is like in the seed of banyan tree, the whole of the tree is present – the leaves, flowers, fruits and the shade. In Similar way, the drop is present in the body and the body is present in the drop. There would be nothing if there was no fire, no air, no water, no earth or sky. Tell me o Kaji and Pundit, where is GOD not present? There is hope only in the True Name and the unknowable and that True Name exists in everyone. The creator keeps all the seeds in ground, all three gunas and five elements. It is like the water is within the pot and the pot is within the water, the same is within and without. His name is unspoken and he is the only one, the other is illusion. Arduous is the path which goes to Satguru, I found it by searching hard. When I met him, my search came to an end, my doubts got cleared. Now I know that nothing comes or goes. Kabir says – Listen O Sadhu, the True Sound is the essence of our self. It is within us, it speaks as our self, and it is the creator.

13.Man tu maanat kyu na mana re.

Kaun kahan ko, kaun sunan ko, dooja kaun jana re.

Darapan me pratibimb jo bhase, aape chahu disi soi.

Dubidha mite, ek jab howe, tau lakh paawe koi.

Jaise jal se hem banat hai, hem ghoom jal hoi.

Taise yah tat wahu tat so, phir yah aru wah soi.

Jo samajhe so khari kahat hai, na samajhe to khoTi.

Page 30: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Kah Kabir dou pakh tyaage, waaki mati hai moTi.

Kabir says - O my wandering mind, why don’t you understand this? Who is there to speak and who is there to listen, there is no other than ONE at all. He is all around in everything like the image casted in the mirrors. When all your conflicts are gone and you have found the ONE, then only you will be able to really know him. This world is made just like ice is made out of water and after melting it again becomes water. The world is made of him and again becomes him. They both are of the same essence. Those who understand this well, say that this statement is true. Those who don’t know it, say that it is incorrect. Kabir says whoever has dropped the true and the false thinking has the real understanding.

14.Apanpo aap hi bisaro.

Jaise sonha kaanch mandir me, bharamat bhunki paro.

Jyo kehari bapu nirakhi koop jal, pratima dekhi paro.

Aisehi madgaj phaTik sila par, dasanani aani aro.

MarakaT muThi swad na bisare, ghar-ghar naTat phiro.

Kah Kabir lalani ke suwana, tohi kaune pakaro.

Kabir says – we fall victim of illusion when we come here, we forget our true nature and essence. It is like a dog in a house made of mirrors thinks of so many dogs’ existence and dies barking upon them. A lion looks into deep well and thinks that there is another lion in the well and jumps to attack it and dies. An elephant, proud of his own strength sees his own image in the clear rock and attacks to it by teeth(so we are doing in this

Page 31: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

world, the all is one, an image of our true supreme self, yet we consider it separate from us and do all nonsense things). A monkey, greedy to get the eatable from the pot closes his fists in the pot and is unable to get his hand out and runs from one house to another, so is our situation here. Kabir says it is unreachable like a parrot of the village girl; no one can get hold of it.

15.Toko peev milenge, ghunghaT ke paT khol re.

ghaT-ghaT me wah saai ramata, kaTuk bachan mat bol re.

Dhan-joban ka garab na kije, jhooTha pachrang chol re.

Sunn mahal me diyana baari le, aasan so mat Dol re.

Jag-jugut so rangmahal me, piya paayo anmol re.

Kahe Kabir aanand bhayo hai, baajat anahad Dhol re.

Oh my dear, don’t put it on, open the veil and you will find the beloved. The Lord prevails in everything; never speak a bitter word to anyone. Never be proud of the wealth, youth or power. This body –colored in five colors (made of five elements) is a fake. Light your lamp in the void palace, and don’t wave from your position. Kabir says I have found my priceless beloved in this palace by waking and making great effort. Now I am in infinite bliss and the unstuck melody is resounding everywhere.

16.Payo satnaam gare ke harawa.

Sankar KhaTolana rahani hamaari, dubare paanch kaharawa.

Page 32: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Tala-kunji hame guru deenhi, jab chaho tab kholo kibarawa.

Prem-preeti ki chunri hamari, jab chaho tab nacho saharawa.

Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, bahuri na aibe ehi nagarawa.

I got this priceless necklace of Sat Naam. My DOLI(the carriage in which a bride is taken to her husband’s place- here refers to the body) was shorter and narrow and the five Kahars( persons carrying the DOLI-here five elements) were too slim(weak), (still I made the journey to the palace of my beloved). My Guru gave me the key to open the door of the palace. I open the door when even I want and go to meet him. I am wearing the clothes made of love and affection and I dance with great bliss and happiness. Kabir says that now he will not come back to this city (Naihar, parents’ place); he has found the palace of his beloved one.

17.Milana kaThin hai, kaise milaungi piy jay.

Samujhi soch pag dharo jatan se, baar-baar Dig jay.

Unchi gail raah rapaTili, paanv nahi Thaharaay.

Lok-laaj kul ki marajaada, dekhat man sakuchaay.

Nihar baas basa peehar me, laaj taji nahi jay.

Adhar bhoomi janh mahal piyaa ka, ham pe chaDhyo na jay.

Dhani bhai bari, purukh bhaye bhola, surati jhakora khaaye.

Page 33: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Dooti satguru mile beech me, deenho bhed bataay.

Sahib Kabir piya so bhenTyo, sheetal kanTh lagaay.

This meeting is too difficult, how I will go and meet to my beloved? Oh dear, think carefully and put your feet carefully ahead, it trembles again and again. What I will do, this path is going so high and so slippery, and my feet are unable to stand on it. The pressure and fear of society (Kabir says it again and again, because even worldly love is a shame in society and people don’t have good thoughts about lovers, though later they sing thousands of songs about their love, and so is true for the love and devotion to the Lord, people laugh at the mystics in their lifetime and later they praise them). When I see all these obstacles, I feel ashamed. I spent my life in my parents’ home(Naihar – Kabir speaks a lot about it- represents this world where this soul has come to be born, to grow up and then to meet her beloved- the Lord) so I have difficulty dropping this feeling of shame. My beloved’s palace is high in the sky; I can’t climb up to it. Kabir says – the bride is too young and the groom is innocent, the surat (consciousness) trembles (like a tree in the wind) while it tries to go upside. Kabir says - my Guru, the messenger of love met me in mid way and he told me the secret. Now Kabir has met to his beloved. He says - It was so cool and blissful when he met and hugged me!!

18.Satguru ho mahaaraj, mope saai rang Daara.

Shabad ki choT lagi mere man me, bedh gaya tan saara.

Aushadh mool, kachhu nahi laage, kya kare baid bichaara.

Page 34: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

Sur nar munijan, peer auliyaa, koi na paawe paara.

Sahib Kabir sarb rang rangiya, san rang se rang nyaara.

Kabir found his Guru and followed his way of meditation upon Sound. He heard that amazing sound and now is unable to focus on anything else. So sweet is the melody!! He says – O dear Satguru, HE is playing with me with the colors of Sound. He throws colors upon me, when he plays the music!! The wound of the Shabd hurts my mind, and it is slowly spreading all over my body. Now no medicine seems to cure me, no Doctor has the remedy of this wound. All holy people are trying to know the secret of it, but even they couldn’t get the resolution. Kabir says his Sahib is the greatest, he has colored me with all colors yet he is beyond of all colors.This way Kabir got the wound of Love with the grace of the Guru and kept searching for the medicine, which couldn’t be anything less than absolute Love of GOD !!

19.Kaise din kaTihe, jatan bataay jaiyo rama.

Ehi paar ganga, wohi par jamuna,

Bichawa maDaiya hamka chhaway jaiyo rama.

Anchara phari ke kaagad banaai lai,

Apani suratiya hiyare likhaaye jaiyo rama.

Kahat Kabir suno bhai saadho,

Bahiya pakaDi ke rahiya bataaye jaiyo rama.

Kabir asks -how I will spend my days (without you) .Tell me the ways I could survive without you. The Ganga is this side and the Yamuna on the other side. Please

Page 35: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

make a hut for me in between, where I could live in these days (while I have not found you). (Here Ganga and Jamuna indicate Ida and Pingla Nadi and hut in between indicates Sushumna through which we go inside in meditation.)Kabir says - I will tear my saree and will make paper of it. I request you to imprint your face on it; I will keep it with my heart. Kabir says, O saints, please get me by arms and show me the path to my beloved.

20.Avinasi dulaha kab miliho, sab bhaktan ke rachhpaal.

Jal upaji, jal hi so neha, raTat piyaas-piyaas.

Mein ThaDhi birahin mag joun, priyatam tumari aas.

Chhode geh, neh lagi tumso, bhai charanan lavleen.

Talabeli hot ghaT bheetar, jaise jal binu meen.

Diwas rainu, bhookh nahi nidra, ghar angana na suhaay.

Sejariya bairin bhai hamko, jagat rain bihaay.

Ham to tumari daasi sajana, tum hamare bhartaar.

Deendayal daya kari aao, samarath sirajan haar.

Kai ham pran tajat hain pyaare, kai apana kar lev.

Daas Kabir, birah ati baaDheu, hamke darasan dev.

Kabir says – when I will find my immortal groom, who is the savior of all devotees? I was born in the water, I am in love with it, still I cry out of thirst for it. I stand on the pathway and wait for you; I have hope on you only. I

Page 36: Kabir Ke Pad.docx

left my home and got attached to you; I am absorbed in your lotus feet. I am so much disturbed and restless inside (without you) as if a fish wriggles out of water. I have no appetite or sleep in day or night, my home and courtyard don’t make me feel comfortable. The bed has become enemy to me (can’t sleep), I keep awake all the night. I am your maid and you are my lord, my groom. You make your name true (merciful) and have mercy on me, you are capable of doing anything you want; you are the creator of all. Now either I shall die or you make me your own. Kabir says – now this separation is being unbearable, please show yourself up.