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(A study of Allamah Mohammad Iqbals poetry)



INQILAB: INDIVIDUAL LEVEL HASIL MOMIN .5 Quatrains ...............5 The Last Will of Harun Rashid .7 The Infidel and Believer .8 Believer ...9 A Muslim ...10 Decrees of God .13 Quatrain .14 The Tulip of Sinai Quatrains - ...15 The Wine Remaining Ghazalein - ..33 Ghazalein ............41 The Free Man ...........72

INQILAB: INDIVIDUAL LEVEL MOMIN ISHQ - I .89 Love and Death .............89 Love .........95 The Reality of Beauty ..102 The Message .103

The Beauty and Love .....106

Sulaima ...108 Ghazalein Part One ........110

Ghazalein Part Two ..135 Quatrains ...138 Love ..141 Knowledge Versus Love ...142

Gods Man ..144 INQILAB: INDIVIDUAL LEVEL MOMIN ISHQ - II .146 The Tulip of Sinai Quatrains - .146 Love 173 Love 178 The Wine Remaining Ghazalein - 179 Trifles 182 Ghazalein ...182 INQILAB: INDIVIDUAL LEVEL MOMIN FAQR .....210 Faqr 211 I and You .244 Ghazalein ..246 Faqr 252 The Eagle ..253 Faqr and Monarchy .255

Islam ...256 The Grave ..257 The Recognition of a Qalandar .257

Faqr and Monkery ...259 Quatrain 260 To Sir Akbar Hydari Prime Minister of Hyderabad Deccan ..261 The Tulip of Sinai Quatrains - .263 The Young Fish and the Eaglets 269 The Glow Worm ....273 The Wine Remaining Ghazal - ...274 Ghazal ..278 INQILAB: INDIVIDUAL LEVEL MOMIN KHUDI .281 Ghazalein Part Two ...285 Quatrains ...292 Stanza 294

The Moth and the Firefly 295 The Stars Message 296 The Self .296 To the Psychologist .297

Eternal Life ...298

Death ...299

Iqbal 300 The Tulip of Sinai Quatrains - .301 Trifles .305 Ghazal .......................................................................................306 INQILAB



The net effect of an individuals relentless quest for the ultimate Truth is his own transformation from an ordinary person to a perfect human being. Having been so transformed, he is proudly claimed by his Creator as His own slave (abduhu).

This is the slavery that rids him from all other kinds of servitude, including that of the so-called lone superpower. He is a freeman (Hur) in true sense; having no fears or apprehensions and free of all worldly temptations and coercions. Such a human being, out of the true believers, is bestowed upon the title of Momin. The Creator claiming his ownership is the ultimate reward of his quest for the Truth and remaining steadfast while traversing the righteous path despite all odds. The aim of Allamah Iqbals endeavours has been to see such a believer riding a horse and emerging from the hanging dust.All that has been said in the last three volumes speak of Allamahs earnest desire to see Muslims transforming themselves into Momins. In this chapter only those poetical works are included which describe some the characteristics of Iqbals ideal man. To begin with some quatrains from Bal-e-Jibril are reproduced. QUATRAINS*****(24)*****

Teri dunya jahan-e-morgh-o-maahi; meri dunya foghan-e-sobh gaahi.

Teri dunya mein mien mehkoom-o-majboor; meri dunya mein teri padshahi.

Thine is the world of birds and beasts, O Lord! And mine is the world of sighs by day and night;I am a shackled slave in this world of Thine, and Thou art the supreme ruler of my world.

(Translated by Naeem Siddiqui)*****(25)*****

Karam tera keh bey johar naheen mien; ghulam-e-Toghral-o-Sanjar naheen mien.

Jahan beini meri fitrat hai laikan; kissi Jamshaid ka saghar naheen mien.

Thank Thee, O Lord, I am not without talent born; I am not a slave of kings and potentates.

Though born I am with a power to see the world, I belong to none, like Jamsheed's all-seeing glass.

(Translated by Naeem Siddiqui)*****(34)*****

Dum-e-arif nasim-e-sobh dum hai; issi sey raishah-e-maani mein num hai.

Agar koeyi Shoaib aaey mayassar; Shabani sey Kalimi duo qadam hai.

: (Gallah-bani, charwahey kay kaam.)The mystics soul is like the morning breeze: It freshens and renews lifes inner meaning.An illumined soul can be a shepherds, who could hear the Voice of God at Gods command.

(Translated by Naim Siddiqui)

THE LAST WILL OF HARUN RASHID Haroon ki Aakhri Nasihat

Haron ney kaha waqt-e-raheel apney pissr sey; jaaey ga kabhi tou bhi issi rahgozar sey.

Poshidah hai kafir ki nazar sey Malak al-Mout; laikan naheen poshidah Mosliman ki nazar sey. : (Waqt-e-rehlat yaani mout ka waqt.)Harun said to his son when his hour came, Youll also pass this way some day.

The Angel of Death is an unseen to the infidel, but it is not hidden from a Muslims eyes.

(Translated by Naeem Siddiqui)

The poetical works reproduced hereunder are from the Urdu book titled Zarb-e-Kalim.THE INFIDEL AND BELIEVERKafir-o-Momin :

Kall sahil-e-darya peh kaha mojh sey Khizar ney; tou dhondh raha hai samm-e-Afrang ka tariyaq?

(Zehar.) : Thus Khizr to me did speak last day on river banks. Are you in search of cure for venom spread by Franks?

Ekk noktah merey pass hai shamshir ki manind; borinda-o-seiqal zadah-o-roshan-o-burraq.

(Kaatney wala.) : : (Seiqal kiya hoa; chamkaya hoa.): (Bijli ki tarah chamkila.)I know a subtle point which like the sword is keen is cutting, burnished, bright and owns a peculiar sheen.

Kafir ki yeh pehchaan keh afaaq mein gom hai; Momin ki yeh pehchan keh gom oss mein hein afaaq.A heathen gets distinct by getting lost in life whereas a Muslim true keeps 'bove its brawl and strife.

(Translated by Syed Akbar Ali Shah)

BELIEVER( ) Momin (Dunya mein). In the world

Ho halqah-e-yaran tuo barisham ki tarah narm; razm-e-haq-o-baatil ho tuo foulad hai Momin.

A man whose faith is firm and strong is soft as silk in friendly throng in skirmish between wrong and right like sword of steel, he stands to fight.

Aflaak sey hai iss ki harifanah kashakash; khaki hai magar khak sey azad hai Momin.

The skies are his inveterate foes, his war with them e'er onward goes though Muslim true of clay is born from earthly bonds still be is torn.

Jachtey naheen kunjashk-o-hamam iss ki nazar mein; Jibril-o-Srafil ka siyaad hai Momin.(Chirriya aur kabootar) : To hunt the sparrow and the dove he does not like and does not love, he much aspires his noose to cast on angels great and hold it fast.

( )

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Kehtey hein Faristey keh dil-aawaiz hai Momin; Hooron ko shikayat hai kum-aamaiz hai Momin.(Shish Mehal) Bhopal mein likhhey gaey.)In Paradise: The, angels of this thing are sure that a Muslim can allure, but Maids of Eden do complain, from society he does oft refrain.

(Translated by Syed Akbar Ali Shah)

A MUSLIMMard-e-Musliman:

Her lehzah hai Momin ki naeyi shaan, naeyi aan; goftar mein, kirdar mein, Allah ki Burhaan.

(Nishan, hojjat.) : A Muslim true gets grandeur new with moment's change and every hour; by words and deeds he gives a proof of Mighty God, His reach and power.

Qahaari-o-Ghaffari-o-Quddosi-o-Jabroot; yeh char anasar hon tuo banta hai Musliman.

: (Qahaari: Jiss sey doshman dar jaaey.): (Bakhshash, khata kaaron sey dargozar karney wala.)

(Kirdar ki Pakeezgi wala.) : (Azmat aur bazorgi wala.) : To rout the foes, to grant them reprieve, do pious deeds and show great might are four ingredients that make a Muslim Devout who shuns not fight.

Humsayah-e-Jibril-e-Amin bandah-e-khaki; hai iss ka nashiman nah Bokhara nah Badakhshan.

With Gabriel trusted and steadfast this clay-born man has kinship close, a dwelling in some land or clime for himself Muslim never chose.

Yeh raaz kissi ko naheen maaloom keh Momin; qaari nazar aata hai, haqiqat mein hai Quran.This secret yet none has grasped that Muslim Scripture reads so sweet practising rules by it prescribed, becomes its pattern quite complete.

Qodrat kay maqasad ka ayyar iss kay iraadey; dunya mein bhi meezan, qiyamat mein bhi meezan.

The Faithful acts on aims and ends that Nature keeps before its sight in world he sifts the good and bad, in future shall judge wrong and right.

Jiss sey jigar-e-lalah mein thhandak ho, woh shabnam; daryaon kay dil jiss sey dehul jaain, woh toofan.

While dealing with friends and mates, he is dew that thirst of tulip slakes: When engaged with his foes in fight, like torrent strong makes rivers shake.

Fitrat ka sarood-e-azali oss kay shabb-o-roz; aahang mein yakta sift-e-Surah-e-Rahman.

The charm of Nature's eternal songin Muslim's life, no doubt is found like chapterRahman of the Koran, is full of sweet melodious sound.

Bantey hein meri kaargah-e-fikr mein anjum; ley apney moqadar kay sitarey ko tou pehchan.Such thoughts that shine like lustrous starsmy brain, like workshop, can provide, you can select the star you like, so that your Fate this star may guide.

(Translated by Syed Akbar Ali Shah)

DECREES OF GODEhkam-e-Elahi :

Pabandi-e-taqdir keh pabandi-e-ehkaam; yeh masaalah moshkil naheen ay mard-e-khirdmand.

This problem is not hard to solveO man, endowed with insight greatWh'r to obey dictates of God,or submit to decrees of Fate.

Ekk aan mein suo baar badal jaati hai taqdir; hai iss ka moqalid abhi nakhosh, abhi khorsand.(Khosh baash) : The Wheel of Fate spins