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  • 1. Gems from Srimad Bhagavatam Swami Shantananda Puri
  • 2. Gems from Srimad Bhagavatam (An ancient Hindu Scripture)Author : Swami Shantananda Puri of Vasishtha Guha, Uttarakhand, IndiaFirst Web edition : March 2010For free circulation among interested spiritual seekers
  • 3. Introduction to Gems from Srimad Bhagavatam Srimad Bhagavatam is one of the eighteen sacred books of Hindu Mythology(Puranas). This contains all the basic principles of philosophy interspersed withvarious stories of Lords incarnations on this earth and those of His devotees allextolling the glories of the Supreme Lord. This text is a rare combination of all theprincipal paths for God-realisation namely; Bhakti (Love and devotion), Jnana(Knowledge), Yoga and Karma (rituals). The importance of Srimad Bhagavatam can be gauged from the following storywhich occurs in Srimad Bhagavata Mahatmyam. Lord Krishna was a perfect incarnation of Supreme Lord on this earth, with aview to re-establish love, compassion, justice, faith and other Divine Laws(Dharma) by destroying the demoniac elements which were threatening toovercome the world. After completing this task, Lord Krishna confided to Uddhava,his close friend, devotee and minister, about his intention to leave the body andmerge back in the Supreme Divinity. Uddhava was shocked and pointed out thatvarious devotees had adopted him as their centre of meditation and wereaccustomed to concentrate on the vision of his lovely form as the very SupremeBeing. If Krishna were to relinquish his body, the devotees being unaware of hisimmortality would be shocked and all the Sadhanas done by them so far and theirfaith will get shattered and rendered futile. They would not be able to bear thisseparation caused by the bereavement. Lord Krishna devised a plan to counter thissituation. He infused his powers in the form of Sound Energy into each word andverse in Srimad Bhagavatam in such a way that his divine presence in all its glorycan be felt and perennially experienced by the devotees who would recite theverses or hear them. Thus Bhagavatam has the unique privilege of impartingdirectly the vibrations of the manifested Supreme Being in the form of the soundenergy. Here are a few selections from that wonderful book. Swami Shantatnanda Puri Lucknow, 5th March 2010
  • 4. OM Gems from Srimad Bhagavatham, an ancient Hindu Scripture Swami Shantananda Puri1) Duty of a man The highest duty of a man is to develop an intense devotion to the Supreme Being without any expectation in return, which will bring peace to the heart. I-2-62) Consciousness The truth The only non dual consciousness which pervades all bodies is the Supreme Truth. It is that which is variously described as Brahman, the Supreme being and as the Supreme God. I-2-113) How even philosophers are attracted to God It is the glory of the Lord that even those sages who are established in the contemplation of the Pure Self are attracted by the alluring attributes of the Lord who has also become the Self of all beings. I-7-104) A prayer inviting calamities Oh Lord, continue to bestow on me series of dangers and calamities as only on such occasions I have always felt your reassuring, benign presence. I-8-255) The poor are nearer to God Those who are proud of their name, fame, wealth, learning and the like are not even worthy of taking the name of the Lord. Blessed are the poor to whom the Lord is easy of access. I-8-26
  • 5. 6) A prayer Salutation to the Lord, who does not react to any play of nature and the treasure of the poor. Salutation again to Him who revels in his own self, who is all peace and to the Lord of liberation. I-8-277) A devout prayer Beloved Lord, grant me that my mind may unceasingly and unwaveringly turn towards thee with all love and haste like river Ganga towards the ocean. I-8-428) Benefit from devotees of God-Effect of holy company God loving devotees not only get purified by the intense love for God but also bestow sanctity and holiness on all the places they visit, as the very Lord resides in their heart. I-13-109) A wise man He indeed is wise who, having cultivated dispassion (Vairagya) renounces his sense of identification with the body and goes away abandoning his hearth and home without leaving any trace. I-13-2510) Holy company (Satsang) Neither liberation nor the heaven can equal the untold blessings accruing out of even a modicum of the company of holy men. Where is the question of any comparison of the latter with worldly goods and enjoyments? I-18-13 and IV-30-34
  • 6. 11) A true devotee He is a true devotee of the Lord, who, though fully capable, refrains from retaliating against any type of dishonor, be it insult, deception, curse or beating even. A true devotee never re-acts. I-18-4812) Sole duty of a man The sole duty of a man is to hear Lords glories, recite them and constantly remember the Lord who is the controller and indweller of all. II-1-513) Best use of life What is the use of living for long years in ignorance of the real value of life? Far better is a life of few moments used for achieving the real purpose of life. II-1-1214) Spiritual Practice (Sadhana) An aspirant should restrain the mind with pure intellect, then dissolve the intellect in the ego sense and finally merge the ego sense in the universal self. When this results in peace of mind, a wise man should abstain from all duties and activities. II-2-1615) Worship of God Irrespective of whether a person seeks fulfillment of various desires or seeks Moksha (Liberation) through dispassion, he will get it all through devotion to and worship of the transcendental Supreme being (instead of various small deities) II-3-1016) Best Life A man really lives only those moments of life spent in remembering the God. The rest is all a waste of time. II-3-1717) How to get rid of attachment
  • 7. Salutations again and again to the Lord by worshipping whom wise men of discrimination are enabled to overcome their attachment to the sensuous objects of the world and attain the highest bliss. II-4-1618) Catch hold of the Lord Lord Brahmas Confession Never a lie escapes out of my mouth, never my mind ever takes a wrong turn and never my senses get lured to the unreal path. This involuntary perfection is all due to my having clung to the Lords feet firmly with an anguishing heart. (Grasping the Lord with love is more important than trying to get rid of bad habits. The latter will automatically drop off when once we grasp the Lord firmly.) II-6-3319) Reality - I It is Gods divine power called MAYA which projects an unreal universe superimposed on the Self without any substantial reality and leaves no residual trace when it dissolves into the Self. It is just like a reflection projected by an object or the darkness dissolving in the light. II-9-3320) Reality II The seeker after truth has to find out that ultimate substratum which persists through all its apparent transformations into the objects of the universe but suffers no change even when all these objects are dissolved into the causal source. II-9-3521) Constant remembrance of God Whenever any question is asked by anybody, one should reply after remembering and taking Gods name. This is an effective method for constant remembrance of the Lord. By extending it, whenever you talk over the phone, take His name both while starting and ending the conversation. III-2-322) Prayer for Grace
  • 8. Oh father and Lord of all!! In this world of birth and death, all souls are struggling, being distressed by various types of miseries. They can get relief and experience perennial bliss only if and when they seek shelter in thy Grace. III-5-3923) How to invite the Grace Lord! Sages are enabled to take shelter under thy Grace only after cleansing their heart with firm faith and intense devotion, thus developing the strength of renunciation leading to the highest knowledge. III-5-4124) Detachment essential Oh Lord, though you reside closest within all the beings, still, in practice, you are farthest from those people who are attached to their body, home and hearth. III-5-4325) Love and serve all beings Some do get God- realization with a lot of effort and difficulty by resorting to intense meditation on the undifferentiated Self and overcoming the obstructing tendencies. But how easily and effortlessly we can get God through love and service to other beings who are all of His form. III-5-4626) Surrender to God There will be fear on account of wealth, property and friends and one will be the subject of grief, greed and humili