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June Open quiz for the Boat Club Quiz Club


<ul><li> THE JUNE OPEN MELAS </li> <li> PRELIMS T H E J U N E O P E N ANSWERS </li> <li> Q. Connect this song by the Icelandic band Sigur Ros which means hopping into puddles with a newly opened bar and bonhomie in Pune. T H E J U N E O P E N 1 </li> <li> HOPPIPOLA T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. An author describing his own work at the beginning of the book. This is a book about how it happened in particular how we went from there being nothing at all to there being something, and how a little of that something turned into us, and also some of what happened in between. Thats rather a lot to cover of course, which is why the book is called _ _____ _______ __ ______ __________, even though it isnt really. It couldnt be. But with luck by the time we finish it may feel like it is. ID book and author. T H E J U N E O P E N 2 </li> <li> T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. In 2009, featuring the Griffin family, Family Guy was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy series. This was the first time an animated series had been nominated for 48 years. The previous series to be nominated also had a famous family as the lead characters. Which was the previous animated series to be nominated in this category? T H E J U N E O P E N 3 </li> <li> THE FLINTSTONES T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. The Ring is a boxing magazine which names an Event of the Year since 1993. So far, there has been only one event which has been nominated because of its failure to come about, in 2010. More specifically, a bout that failed to come about despite loads of tries and media attention. Which bout? T H E J U N E O P E N 4 </li> <li> MAYWEATHER VS PACQUIAO T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. The invention of the cocktail "Earthquake" or Tremblement de Terre (a potent mixture containing half absinthe and half cognac; in a wine goblet, 3 parts Absinthe and 3 parts Cognac, sometimes served with ice cubes or shaken in a cocktail shaker filled with ice) is attributed to a post-impressionist painter who was an alcoholic which resulted in his death. Name the painter whose painting might serve as a hint. (next slide) T H E J U N E O P E N 5 </li> <li> T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. This is a poster from Entourage where Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) is portraying someone in a movie called Medellin. Who is he playing? T H E J U N E O P E N 6 </li> <li> PABLO ESCOBAR T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. In the 1996 World Snooker Championship, there was a controversy after Alain Robidoux lodged a complaint against Ronnie OSullivan for disrespecting him and bringing the game into disrepute. What OSullivan did, though not against the rules, was frowned upon by many at that time. To prove that he did it because he possessed a high level of skill and was necessary and not to mock his opponent, OSullivan played 3 frames against Rex Williams and won all three which resulted in any charges against him being dropped. What did OSullivan do? T H E J U N E O P E N 7 </li> <li> HE PLAYED LEFT-HANDED THOUGH HE PRIMARILY USES HIS RIGHT HAND T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Paul Schrader, the director of American Gigolo, Light Sleeper and The Walker has said that these three films are part of a series of films which are referred to as Night Worker or Man in a Room as the protagonist does most of his work during the night and/or inside closed doors. Schrader was the writer of the film which he considers the first of this series where the leading man is also seen in the above mentioned conditions. He says the protagonist is the same man, figuratively, who has aged along with the films. Which is the first film of this series which has won the Palme DOr at Cannes? T H E J U N E O P E N 8 </li> <li> TAXI DRIVER T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. The headstone of this comedians grave was removed to add the details of his wife Shelaghs death. Since its removal for Shelagh's interment, his grave remains unmarked. The epitaph read Duirt m leat go raibh m breoite, which means I told you I was ill which was voted his countrys favourite epitaph. Who is this comedian? T H E J U N E O P E N 9 </li> <li> SPIKE MILLIGAN T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. The German film Das Leben Der Anderen (The Lives of Others) is about an East German stasi officer who is doing audio surveillance on a playwrights house to find evidence of treason. It shows the censorship and media control in East Germany along with the governments oppression. Question is, which year does the major part of the movie take place in? T H E J U N E O P E N 10 </li> <li> 1984 T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Identify the mustachioed doyen of Marathi literature in this clip from Lakhachi Goshta. T H E J U N E O P E N 11 </li> <li> GA. DI. MADGULKAR T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. This is followed by the line My tears for _____ are as much as they are for all the people he killed. Which 1998 masterpiece? T H E J U N E O P E N 12 </li> <li> SATYA T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. M.F. Husain is not the only painter to have dabbled in filmmaking. Koodal is a 3 minute Tamil short film which won the Filmfare Critics award in 1970. This film was shot in a slaughterhouse in Bandra by this non-Tamil Bombay resident. Who is the director of this film? T H E J U N E O P E N 13 </li> <li> TYEB MEHTA T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. What first did 18 year old Mario Gtze and 20 year old Andr Schrrle mark for Germany when they came on as substitutes simultaneously in a match against Sweden in November 2010? T H E J U N E O P E N 14 </li> <li> FIRST PLAYERS BORN IN THE REUNIFIED GERMANY TO REPRESENT GERMANY T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Here are a few examples of Australian rhyming slang. Money Bugs Bunny Telephone Al Capone A Check Gregory Peck So tell me, what is the slang for the word look? T H E J U N E O P E N 15 </li> <li> CAPTAIN COOK T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. In Tom Wolfes The Bonfire of the Vanities, there is a character called Peter Fallow who is a heavy drinking journalist who writes controversial articles in a fictional tabloid but eventually goes on to attain success and fame. X was thought to be the inspiration behind this character but it has not been confirmed. Many others including X himself think it is Anthony Haden-Guest. Who is X, who later on became famous for one particular view he held rather firmly? T H E J U N E O P E N 16 </li> <li> CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Herodotuss Histories is divided into certain number of parts. Members of what group of entities are the individual parts named after? Plato named Sappho of Lesbos as an honorary member to round up the group. T H E J U N E O P E N 17 </li> <li> 9 MUSES T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Most of us are aware that Enter Sandman is a hit by Metallica. And now for something completely different. On 26th September 2013, when the curtain fell on a great sporting career, what was the pun used by the media to describe it? I want the sportsman too. T H E J U N E O P E N 18 </li> <li> EXIT SANDMAN MARIANO RIVERA T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Kevin Spacey is featured in which highly anticipated instalment of an extremely popular FPS game franchise? T H E J U N E O P E N 19 </li> <li> CALL OF DUTY : ADVANCED WARFARE T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Twixt is a 2009 film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Identify the narrator with the gravelly voice. T H E J U N E O P E N 20 </li> <li> TOM WAITS T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Religious terms such as Vatican=vatika hermitage, Christianity=Krishna-netti or Chrisn-nity ethics of Krishna or the way of Krishna Islam=ishalayam temple of God, Abraham as a corrupted form of Brahma, and George as an aberration of Garg are a few examples of his dubious etymological claims. Which is (arguably) the most famous one? Who has proposed these roots? T H E J U N E O P E N 21* </li> <li> TEJO MAHALAYA P.N.OAK T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. Anyone familiar with William Burroughss works would know his books are full of homosexual encounters and drugs. They mostly come from his own life experiences. His one tumultuous experience of having his first serious boyfriend in New York, in 1940 triggered what he laconically called a ___ ____ kick which prompted him to do something like what ___ ____ did after a meeting with Paul Gauguin. Fill in the blanks and tell me what Burroughs did akin to ___ ____. T H E J U N E O P E N 22* </li> <li> VAN GOGH KICK BURROUGHS CUT OFF HIS FINGER T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. T H E J U N E O P E N 23* X had been in London for just a week when he put in a request to jam with Y. This was a particularly audacious request because Y was a part of _____. Jack Bruce remembers When I first saw Y play I knew he was a master guitarist but X was just a force of nature. He plugged into my bass amp and did a version of Killing Floor, a song which Y loved but thought too difficult but X just raged through it. ID X and Y </li> <li> X - JIMI HENDRIX Y - ERIC CLAPTON T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. The following is an exhaustive list of 4 people with their nationality and the year they joined the list. Sir Bob Charles (New Zealand) 1963 Mike Weir (Canada) 2003 Phil Mickelson (USA) 2004 _____ _______ (USA) 2012. Fill in the fourth name and tell me what list this is. T H E J U N E O P E N 24* </li> <li> BUBBA WATSON ONLY LEFT HANDED MAJOR WINNERS T H E J U N E O P E N </li> <li> Q. This series and the 1990 movie, both falling in the exact same genre, have 27 actors in common. Most of them appear for an episode or two of the series but the following have sizeable roles in both. Lorraine Bracco Jennifer Melfi (series) &amp; Karen Hill (film) Michael Imperioli Chris Moltisanti (series) &amp; Spider (film) Tony Darrow Larry Barese (series) &amp; Sonny Buns (film) Frank Vincent Phil Leotardo (series) &amp; Billy Batts (film) Identify the film (whose director made a cameo appearance in the series) and the series. T H E J U N E O P E N 25* </li> <li> SERIES THE SOPRANOS MOVIE - GOODFELLAS T H E J U N E O P E N </li> </ul>