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  • Directors Message

    At the onset, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all. For us, 2012 has been a year of growth, progress & promise. As we begin with another year, we will make further efforts to bring a positive change in our society and add smiles to the faces.

    Most important, we are thankful for a positive response from the indi-viduals and organizations for expressing their solidarity and we look forward to continue this association in future as well.

    Once again wish you all a very Happy New Year. We welcome your sug-gestions and comments. Happy reading!

    .- Ajay Sharma


    Bday celebration of Mr. Ajay Sharma (Founder Director) on Dec 25th was among the most happiest moments this year. Kids had a great day. Another important bday celebration was of Mr. Deepak Kumar (Programme Manager) on Nov 5th.



    E-Update @ Satyakam CARE HOME

  • Hawan at Care Home

    A small hawan was organised on October 29th at the care home for long life of kids by Mr. Lokesh Kumar .

    Dussehra Mela Visit

    Kids went to see Dussehra Mela organised at the city and had a great evening.

    A Work for Life

    Donation by J P Institute, Meerut.

    Birthday Celebrations with our children

    October 2nd October 8th

    Little Kid Mr. Sandeep Rawat

    Neighbors of SCare Home JP College, Meerut

    October 17th December 8th

    Mr. V J Sharma Mr. Sikhar Saha S/o Ms. Soma Saha Madhavpuram, Meerut (GOC) Indian Army

    December 8th December 12th

    Mrs. Babita Mr. Lokesh Kumar

    W/o Mr. Deepak Kumar, Meerut Radha Garden, Meerut

  • SATYAKAM CARE HOME FAMILY - Ajay Sharma (Founder Direc-tor), Deepak Kumar (Programme Manager), Vinay Kumar

    (Counselor), Sonakshi Nitin Yadav (Consultant) and the children living at the home are: Balwant Satyakam, Ashish Satyakam, Golu Satyakam, Prakash Satyakam, Arvind Satyakam, Ankur Satyakam, Gufram Satyakam (King), Samrat Satyakam, Ali

    Mehndi Satyakam, Santosh Satyakam and Shubhankar Satya-kam.

    Mr. Subroto Saha

    Major General

    Indian Army, Meerut

    Mr. & Mrs. Rajat Salwaan Sharma

    Continental Sports


    Mr. Ashish Mahajan

    National Sports


    Visitors at the Care Home

    Gandhi Jayanti October 2nd Kids celebrated

    Gandhi Jayanti with Captain I.

    Khan & NCC Cadets at the care

    home. Kids presented a picture

    of Gandhi ji to Mr, Khan on the


    Christmas Celebration

    Kids visited Church at Sardhana, Meerut on the occasion of Christmas

    and then had a treat @ Mc. Donalds. Ms. Sonia Ahlawat (Didi of Kids)

    gave gifts to the children, celebrating the day at care home.

    Joy of Giving Week October 10th Students and

    teachers of Army School, Meerut

    donated Grocery items, Hygiene

    kits and other daily use items as a

    part of their Joy of Giving


  • Workshop on ADVOCATING FOR a +VE CHANGE A work on Advocating for +ive change was held from 16th December, 212 at Hotel Harmony Inn, Meerut organ-ized by The Naz (India) Trust, New Delhi and Satyakam Manav Seva Samiti (SMSS), Meerut. The meeting was attended by members of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of five districts of Western U.P. namely Meerut, Bagh-pat, Bulandshahr, Bijnor and Ghaziabad; NGOs running shelter/care homes for children in these districts and the organisation staff.

    Remarks by Founder Director, SMSS

    Mr. Ajay Sharma, the Founder Director of SMMS welcomed participants to the workshop and elaborated on the purpose of the workshop. He invited the workshop to consider including the following objectives:

    - Better understanding of HIV/AIDS and clearing the misconceptions existing in the society.

    - Promotion of a friendly attitude towards the children suffering from HIV/AIDS by CWC members as well as NGOs.

    - Encouraging NGOs to provide protection to the children suffering from HIV/AIDS at their shelter/care home.

    - Ending discrimination against these children.

    - Understanding JJ Act with respect to the children suffering from HIV/AIDS.

    The Founder Director urged participants to work together with a positive attitude and mutual interest towards safeguard and welfare of the children suffering from HIV/AIDS. He wished the participants fruitful deliberations.

    Remarks by Programme Manager, Naz

    Ms. Anuradha Mukherjee, Programme Manager spoke on behalf of Naz. She welcomed participants to the work-shop and informed them that more would be said about SMSS and Naz, as she recognised that some partici-pants were new to SMSS and Naz and not familiar with the work being undertaken. Ms. Anuradha explained to the participants that there would be two sets of the programme, the first set being a detailed discussion about HIV/AIDS and the second looking at a strategic response, identifying what can be done being a CWC member as well as an NGO.

    Documentary Screening

    Two documentaries were screened at the programme.

    First was a short film was shown on the care home being run by Naz at New Delhi. The film showed how the children suffering from HIV/AIDS live a dignified and happy life at the home without any discrimination. Another was about the care home being run by Satyakam at Meerut. The film was shot by the children living at the care home themselves.

    The films were shot by the children living at the care homes themselves.

    Understanding JJ Act

    Mr. Ashish Kulshreshtha, Member of JJ Board, Bulandshahr discussed Juvenile Justice Act. Giving a quick intro-duction to the Act, he highlighted some important provisions relevant to dealing with cases relating to children.

    Discussion on Issues related to Orphan children living with HIV/AIDS

    A detailed presentation on the subject was delivered by Ms. Anuradha; sharing facts and details about HIVAIDS. During her presentation she informed that 70,000 children below the age of 15 are infected with HIV in India. She said that majority of people have a misconception that HIV/AIDS is transferred only or mainly through unpro-tected sex however, very few of us are aware that infected syringes, parent to child and blood transfusion con-tribute as major factor for HIV/AIDS transfer. She emphasised that the only way to know for sure whether a per-son is infected with HIV is for them to have an HIV test.

    Open Forum

    Towards the end of the programme, an open forum was organised to give a quick recap to the workshop through interactive discussion. Participants were invited to raise their queries as well as suggestions which were addressed by Naz and Satyakam team.

    During the forum, all the CWC members showed their interest towards taking up cases of HIV/AIDS affected children with special interest and the NGOs gave their consent to discuss about providing shelter to these chil-dren at their care home, with their management.

    Closing Remarks

    The Founder Director of SMSS, Mr. Ajay Sharma gave the closing remarks for the workshop. He noted that there have been many ideas and much agreement. He thanked Naz for giving an opportunity to organise such an im-portant workshop at Meerut and emphasized that the meeting should not be the end of the matter, but the be-ginning.

  • World Aids Day celebration December 2ndWorld Aids Day was celebrated at the care home with Mr. Suhal Sikander (Secretary, Meerut Drug Association), J P Institute and others.

    Kids in different moods



    Bam Bam Bole, Masti Me Dole.

    Rang De Bansati..

  • Kids with Indian Cricketers October 20th, 2012 - Kids were invited by the Meerut Cricket Association to see the Ranji Trophy Match (UP Vs Karnataka) organised at Bhamashah Park, Meerut. It was a moment of great happiness for the kids to meet the cricketers of Indian Cricket Team including Piyush Chawla, Md. Kaif, Suresh Raina and Van-katesh Prasad alongwith other players. They presented hand made paintings to the Captains of both the teams as a memento of love. It was a memorable day for the kids.

    Women Empowerment Programme : A collaboration with the Dabur CSR Initiative Women play an important role in providing their family with a healthy environment. For this reason, cleanliness becomes an important factor for the women in any family. Keeping this in view, Satyakam alongwith Dabur India Pvt. Ltd. as a part of their CSR Initiative, organised cleanli-ness awareness programmes in Meerut and Bulandshahr districts of Western Uttar Pradesh. During the programme, women were educated about the importance of cleanliness as well as good hygiene and were provided with a kit of herbal and beauty products of Dabur.

  • Hand made card by Prince Satya-


    Kids together making drawings

    and cards .

    Hand made Card presented to

    the visitors at Care Home on Di-


    A hand made Bday card to little

    Shashwat S/o Dr. Vinay Sharma

    on his first Bday.

    Drawing Class.

    Re-use of Chocolate Box for mak-

    ing a Christmas Tree.Prince and

    King Satyakam.



    UPs first residential care home of orphan children living with HIV/AIDS

    Satyakam Care Home has been established for HIV/AIDS affected who have lost one or both of their parents due to this illness. These children are often neglected and ostracized by society and abandoned by their relatives too. Presently, there are 11 children, 2 to 14 years age are living at the care home. The foundation aims at brin

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