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    Address B5 0404, L&T South City, Arekere Mico Layout

    Off Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore - 78

    Phone +91-9986723943 E-Mail:

    Career Objective

    Teaching & research in the fundamental and applied aspects of Microbiology including microbial


    Work Experience

    2015 to Present :- Honorary post-doctoral fellow at Clinical Proteomics Unit, Division of Molecular Medicine -

    St Johns Research Institute , Bangalore

    Job Function :- Research activity include identifying biomarkers of severe drug hypersensitivity reaction in

    patients by plasma and T-cell protein profiling.

    2009 2015 :- Research fellow at Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research , Kolkata under

    UGC New Regulation 2009.

    Thesis Title :- An approach towards incidence and antimicrobial resistance of bacteria within medical

    device associated biofilms with prevention strategies.

    2009 - 2013 :- Principle Investigator at Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research , Kolkata

    Research Project :- Detection & Intervention of Biofilm formation on Urinary catheters funded By DST,

    Govt of India under Woman Scientist Scholarship scheme

    2008 - 2009 :- Assistant teacher (Biology) at Murgaberia Nazrul Vidyapith. West Bengal teaching 10+2 level

    Conducted the interactive lectures focusing on the understanding of the students

    Carried out practical sessions with explanation about the purpose of the experiment and the

    procedures that follow to seek results

    Organizing the tests for students in order to evaluate their progress

    Providing the proper feedback to the students for the further development

    Attending the meetings with the staff and the parents

    Communicating with the parents regarding to the progress of the students

    2004 2008 :- Assistant Teacher (Botany) at Ambikapur AH high School. West Bengal teaching 10+2 level

    Delivering lectures as a plenary to the students adopting student centered learning strategies

    Assigning project work to the students and helping them clarify the doubts regarding the


    Arranging educational trips for the students and maintaining a friendly relationship with them

    Directing the students on how to use the study material for positive results in work

  • Core Competencies:

    Strong pledge in teaching graduate and undergraduate students

    Strong knowledge in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Botany

    Excellent communication and written skills

    Ability to teach students across diverse background by using various innovative methods

    Good interpersonal and organizational skills

    Ability to effectively communicate and interact with the students, staff, and parents

    Ability to guide , suggest and advise the students enabled with problem solving attitude

    Independently handling research project

    Strong knowledge of Microbiology research techniques

    Plan, schedule and coordinate microbiological experiments

    Ability to scientifically address and resolve issues in the field microbiology

    Technical skills related to collection, documentation, interpretation of data & preparation of reports

    with proper justifications


    Degree Board/ University Year Major subjects Division %Marks Ph.D. Calcutta University 2015 Microbiology N.A. N.A.

    B.Ed. Calcutta University 1997 L.Sc. , Phy Sc. Mental Hygiene 1st


    M.Sc. Calcutta University 1995 Botany with Microbiology specialization 1st 64%

    B.Sc.(H) Calcutta University 1993 Botany (H),Zoology, chemistry 1st 60%

    10 + 2 W.B.C.H.S.E. 1990 Science 2nd 58%


    W.B.B.S.E. 1988 B.B.E.(LG) 1st 74%

    Summary of Ph.D. Thesis

    The thesis entitled An approach towards incidence and antimicrobial resistance of bacteria within medical

    device associated biofilms with prevention strategies. deals with the problem of biofilm colonization of

    medical devices which leads to considerable increase in mortality and morbidity in critically ill patients. The

    incidence of biofilm colonization on different devices were found to be very high (

  • Technical Expertise

    Microbiology :

    Handling of diverse pathogenic and non-pathogenic cultures- microbial cultures, evaluation of different

    growth media, maintenance of culture colony forming units (CFU) enumeration, and antimicrobial

    susceptibility assay, in-vitro biofilm formation, MBEC determination etc.


    Interpretation of the morphological aspects of bacterial biofilms at the different length scales afforded by

    optical, atomic force, and scanning electron microscopies.

    Molecular biology:

    DNA & RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, PCR, RT-PCR, animal cell culture etc.

    Advance Technology:

    Protein preparation from bacterial & mammarian cell, SDS-PAGE, 2D gel electrophoresis, Mass Spectroscopy,


    Computer Skills

    Windows, MS-Office, Excel, Power point, Paint

    Analyzing AFM,SEM using WSXM and ImageJ software

    Statistical software- GraphPad prism 5


    Biofilms on Indwelling Urologic Devices: Microbes and Antimicrobial Management Prospect Susmita

    Chatterjee, Prasanta Kumar Maiti, Rupali Dey, Anup K Kundu, Ranjan K Dey -Annals of Medical and

    Health Sciences Research Jan-Feb 2014 Vol 4 Issue 1 Pg. 100-104

    Atomic force Microscopy in biofilm study S. Chatterjee, N. Biswas, A. Datta, R. De and P.K. Maiti

    Microscopy 2014, Volume 63, Issue 4 Page No 269-278

    Efficacy of disinfectants against biofilms formed by nosocomial multidrug resistant bacterial isolates.

    Bipasha Chakrabarty, Susmita Chatterjee, Raja Roy, Sanjit K Patro, Nisith K. Pal, Prasanta K. Maiti .

    International journal of scientific study 2014 vol 2 Issue 7 Pg 93-97

  • International Conference Presentation

    International symposium on role of fungi and microbes in 21st century Global Scenario A case of Mycetoma in the light of biofilm- Susmita Chatterjee, Prasanta Kumar Maiti

    National Conference presentation


    In-vitro study for assessing treatment refractoriness of medical device associate biofilms DR. Swagata Ganguly M.D, Susmita Chatterjee M.Sc. Prof. P.K. Maiti Microcon 2008

    Biofilms and mycetoma grains Susmita Chatterjee Prasanta Kumar Maiti Atanu Ray SIHAM 2010

    Intervention strategies of biofilm formation in cases of prolonged catheterization Susmita Chatterjee Purnima Mondol Prof. A. K. Kundu Prof. P.K.Maiti Microcon 2010

    Minimum biofilm eliminating concentration of preformed biofilm vs. experimental biofilm Susmita Chatterjee Purnima Mondol Prof. A. K. Kundu Prof. P.K.Maiti Microcon 2011

    Mycetoma in the light of biofilm Susmita Chatterjee Prasanta Kumar Maiti Swagata Ganguly Atanu Ray SIHAM 2012


    Scope of atomic force microscopy in study of biofilm Susmita Chatterjee, Nupur Biswas, A.Datta. , P.K.Maiti. Microcon 2012

    Impact of AHL signaling on biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from uro-catheters Susmita Chatterjee Science Congress 2013

    State Conference presentation


    Simpler method of biofilm detection and incidence of such colonization on uro-catheters Susmita Chatterjee Prof. Anup Kr. Kundu Prof. Prasanta Kr. Maiti IAPM 2012

    Experimental evidence of biofilm nature of Mycetoma Susmita Chatterjee , Prasanta Kumar Maiti IAMM 2013

    Workshop attended

    Molecular biology - National Institute of cholera Enteric Diseases

    Application of Flow cytometry in redox biology IPGME&R

  • Trainings attended

    Transformation of bacterial cells with desired plasmid: Dept. of Biotechnology IIT Kharagpur under

    Dr A.S. Ghosh

    Surface alteration by chemical means to prevent biofilm formation and examine by AFM & SEM Saha

    Institute of Nuclear Physics Department of Applied Material Science under Dr Alokmay Datta

    Protein preparation, SDS PAGE, 2D Gel electrophoresis : Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

    Department of structural genomics under Dr Abhijit Chakrabarty


    Prof Dr. P.K.Maiti HOD, Department of Microbiology, IPGME&R

    Mobile 9432206404 Emails:

    Prof Dr. Alokmay Datta HOD, Applied material science division Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

    Mobile +919874012535 Email: ,

    Prof Dr. A.K. Pal, Department of Botany, University of Calcutta

    Mobile +919830905580 Email: ,


    Awarded fellowship under Women Scientist Scholarship scheme by DST , Govt of India

    Awarded scholarship by UGC for B.Sc (H)

    Personal Vitae

    Date of Birth : 24th

    May 1972

    Languages : English, Hindi, Bengali

    Marital Status : Married


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